Underwater - Episode 4 - Enigma


Veronica opened her eyes, to find herself scared and vulnerable all over again. Because everything around her had changed. She remembered falling asleep on some kind of pathway but right now she was surrounded by stone walls on three sides while strips of stone blocks locked the fourth side, she was behind bars. She was feeling that her attempt to suicide was so jinxed that she was continuously landing herself into trouble since then. Looking around, she realized that there were other stone cells too lined up in front of her and also next to her own cell but there was no one inside them. There was a black stone wall kind of structure behind the cell she was facing.

She started banging her foot on the stone bars and screamed her lungs out.
"Let me out of here, Hello? Anyone there? Let me out!"

But there was no reply, the adjacent cells were still quite and she couldn't see anyone in the two cells right across her own. She tried to peep but couldn't see anything. She sat down, angry and detested with herself. She should have jumped from a high rise as she had earlier decided and not trust the seas to take her away, she thought. Holding her head between her legs, she cramped herself to a corner. She knew the one who had locked her would definitely return to either set her free or end her life once and for all, she was hoping whoever it was chose the second option.

A few tiring hours later someone appeared at her cell. She didn't want to come out of it once she saw him, or her or whatever it was. It was a human like figure with a face which resembled a reptile, large skull and unblinking eyes which were completely yellow were staring at her. It had no eye balls and his face made Veronica cringe, she hated reptiles anyways. She could see it's tongue flitting into the air rapidly like it was tasting something in the waters while it's skin was covered with green scales and bulgy patches like those of an alligator.

With his reptilian claw like hands he opened the cell lock by inserting his claw into  the stone lock. The creature stared at Veronica for a few minutes and then left while Veronica froze in shock.

A few minutes later she walked out of the cell and was exhilarated by the view around. The cells were surrounded by huge grey mountains, bigger than the biggest mountain she had ever seen. She never thought waters had so much hiding in them.

She could now walk easily, the muddy floor was replaced by a stone path and there was no one around. She was mesmerized by these mountains, unknowing of the dangers that they were covering.

Someone was watching her every move, someone wanted her here and was just showing off his power. While she was busy roaming the mountains and observing the underwater life and trying to find a way to escape, her past had knocked on her doors.

Veronica's Ex boyfriend William was standing at the doorstep of her Brooklyn home where her parents were still not able to digest the fact that their teenage daughter had disappeared and supposedly died without leaving any trace.

The Jones were busy watching the news though in their head everyone was lost in thoughts, the door bell rang and broke the tension in the room.

Veronica's father opened the door and found a guy in black hoodie standing at the doorstep.

Sorry sir, I am Veronica's friend, I heard about her. I just wanted to share something with you. I feel it is important for you to know."

Mr. Jones welcomed the boy in with a grim face and asked him to sit down.

"What is your name? Since when do you know Veronica? Haven't ever seen you around", Mr. Jones exclaimed.

"Right sir, actually she was my classmate. We were very close for sometime and she had given me this as her promise to never have these thoughts ever again, like some six months ago. Now that she is no more, I feel you should have this." William said while holding a black package in his hand. He handed it over to Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones and Veronica's younger brother James stared at William in amusement. He left immediately after handing over the package, leaving behind a confused and amused family.

 Mr.Jones looked at the plastic package for a minute and opened it carefully. It had sketchbook inside it. The sketch book was Veronica's world in black and white. It was her darkest dreams on paper, while most of the pages were filled with sketches depicting pain and anger in the form of blood drippings and cut marks on body parts, the last sketch in the book stood out the most. The last sketch scared the entire Jones family, it was a secret they were hiding from her for years.

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