I have known many kind of people one after another
Have walked the road of life with all of them sometime or the other,

Some were two faced and had a hidden sword
Some instantly touched my heart's chord,
Some had lost their game
Some had never really played,
Some were searching for something without any clue
Some were always blue,
Some spoke and spoke only to be never understood
Some remained silent for their own good,
Some hugged me with their brilliance
Some poked my brain with their nonsense,
Some cautioned me about nightmares
Some became my nightmares,
Some hit me with their arrogance & deceit
Some made me realise there's a win in every defeat,
Some called my name & never let me cry
Some left me forever without even a good bye...

In all these people I found my essence,
They took a part of me and gave me a part of their self !

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