How photography churns my thoughts & helps me write !


My friends have known this and have even cringed on this habit, but I like to click; a lot. I never quite gave the hobby a thought until recently when a friend threw a statement at me which made me think, Why in the hell do I take so many pictures?

So the thought window opened and a range of answers starting flying towards me, quite uncontrollably. While some of them were purely an defence argument, one amongst them more or less answered my addiction.

For some a picture might just be a physical proof of the happenings, a medium to relive memories or just an impulsive act. But diving deep into this addiction I realised that a picture for me is more than all the above combined, a picture for me is a perspective. And every perspective is an untold story waiting to be told.

I have had the most bizarre story ideas and character sketches pop into my barren brain by just looking at a picture, be it of a boring coffee mug or of stupid looking two clouds; something clicks in the brain and a new perspective is gained which helps me build stories. I still remember the day when I had got the idea of writing my very first short story "The Teacher". I was sitting in a lecture and post the lecture I happened to click a picture of empty chairs. I don't know why but my mind kept going back to that one picture for days with just one thought "Who was in this chair & why is it empty now?" and that lead me to "The Teacher" which till date happens to be a favourite of anyone who has stumbled upon it.

Again it is not like all the pictures spark an idea, there are many which don't, but the catch is you don't know which picture will spark what and so I keep clicking. It not only opens up a lot of possibilities for thinking crazy plots but also doubles up as a gentle reminder that things are not always as they appear to be. Everyone has a different angle, a different perspective and that's why even if we happen to have the same beginning and the end, each of our stories is different just like our pictures; same same yet different.

Adiós,hope you had a fun read!

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