When life gives you lemons...


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade they say
But sooner or later you will get fed up of the lemonade then what , If I may ask?

What when you are repulsed with both the lemons and the lemonade?
What when you are fed up of things life throws at you, including the lemons?

What when all you want to do is crush the lemons, throw them away and scream your lungs out at life and say "F*&^ you and your lemons" ?

I choose to disagree with the bullshit,
I choose disagree with the lemonade theory and
I disagree with all the crap that people have always been saying about life & the lemons,
I say there are no lemons,
I say there is no lemonade...

There's only one thing - LIFE
LIFE throws itself at you and not just the lemons, sometimes to hurt you and at times to make you realize how it feels when you are not hurt,

And if anything is crushed in all of this, its not the stupid lemons
Its your soul...Its your beliefs and Its your trust...

And what's left is a droplet of your hope & lots of pending amends ...
And I tell you, carry on with that last drop, because you never know
When it might come handy and become your greatest defense!


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