Underwater - Episode 2 - Beyond Waters


Veronica opened her eyes, everything was a blur at first. As soon as she regained senses, she regretted it all. She regretted the fact that she was still alive. While her head was still heavy, it started bursting with pain when she looked around. There was a water everywhere and she could feel small moss like thing beneath her feet. A few plant like structures covered the area that was visible to her.

She was underwater, she looked up and she could see rays of sun reflecting on the surface which was like a million kilometers away. She moved her hand to check if she was in water and indeed she was. But how could she breathe ? She had no idea. All she could she was aquamarine nothingness.She tried swimming up but she just couldn't; it was as if the sea wanted her to be here.

She tried walking and it was difficult, she was pushed around by the weight of water. Her feet barely touched the ground even though she tried hard to be steady. The corner of her eye saw a part of a tail like fin and she got extremely anxious. Suddenly all the documentaries she had seen about seas and sharks and what not came alive, she sensed danger. She always thought jumping in the waters will be the least painful deaths of all, but now she was rethinking her decision.

Checking her jeans pocket she took out her mobile phone and it was not working, she wasn't surprised but was getting a very strange feeling about the whole scenario. A chill ran down her spine when she again noticed the tail like huge structure swimming rapidly just a few meters away from her. This time she noticed it's feet as well, covered with nasty nails and it's skin pitch black dotted with cringe worthy rocky grayish scales. Her stomach was churning, her throat clinched and she could feel a warm feeling rise up her chest.

Before she could contemplate what it exactly was, a fish or a sea creature or a snake, it swooped right in front of her and raised it's head above Veronica's. She stared into it's deep round black shinny eyes and froze with terror.

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