Bigg Boss, Frying Pan and Gaalis

Bigg Boss Season 13 is currently airing and breaking all TRP records left right and center. Bigg Boss is not just a show, it's an addiction. Like tea, coffee and cocaine, Bigg Boss has it's own audience that swears by it's twists and turns and frankly speaking I have loved the show for many years now. Leaving a few seasons, rest all were really crazy with their content.

This year Bigg Boss has opened many cans of worms on many shelves. Firstly this has been the most violent season of all; be it pushing, slapping or flying chappals, everything has happened this season. The one incident that has stood out till now is the frying pan one. If you haven't seen it, great! like really great, don't. It is the most stupidest act that anyone has done on national television. Madhurima Tuli hit her ex Vishal Aditya Singh on his bum with a frying pan,multiple times during a fight between them. Violence is violence, you can't hit anyone, period. No matter if you are a guy or a girl or a gorilla, it is not right to hit anyone around. Earlier she threw a slipper on the same guy, I mean what? Maarna hi kyu hai?

Just imagine if this becomes a normalcy. Imagine what would happen in Mumbai local trains, women compartments would be filled with women carrying frying pan as a weapon. Thinking of it and looking at all the women crimes that are on the rise, women should actually start carrying a frying pan along just for their safety. Anyways, my point is, it is not even practical. Like imagine you are in a meeting and you don't like the fact that you are not allowed to speak or that you are bored, do you take out a frying pan and start hitting people around? Or when you have an argument with your spouse at home, can you imagine doing that? I really can't. It is more funny if you watch it in slow motion, that poor guy's bum was so sore for a few days that he limped for the next few episodes.
Bigg Boss, Frying Pan and Gaalis Biggboss13 television india tv gossip sidnaaz fryingpans

There are three levels of outrage in the current Bigg Boss season, level one is gaali, level two is slapping and level three is frying pan. Level one is reached in almost every episode. Siddharth Shukla and Asim have so many verbal fights that I have started to feel that somewhere these guys really like each other and are just frustrated to be in one house. I don't even want to speak anything about Shehnaaz because it is really difficult to understand that girl. Sidnaaz had become the Vikram Betal of the house and thankfully now Siddharth has realized he cannot be around this madness anymore and taken his stand.

As per the latest news reports, the season is going to end in Mid February 2020.
Who do you think will win?

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