Use fear as a tool, Being fearless won't help you everytime


I have read many self help books, majority of them showcase fear as something that needs to be kicked out or faced. I do not completely agree with this crap. The very base of our existence is fear, we cannot run away from it or for that matter even face it. How will you face the fear or death? by dying? Isn't all our life actions based on the fact and fear that one day we will disappear into thin air and this life will end? Yes it is and that is the reason I have always felt than fear is not something we should be running away from.

Use fear as a tool, Being fearless won't help you everytime

Sometimes it is our fear that keeps us away from dangers. The other day I read a news about a group of boys who drowned in the sea while swimming, another news was that of a parasailing couple who met with a drastic end. Don't you think these people tried to may be get over their human fears and do something that made them look brave? And in that pursuit they lost their lives, so trying to kill their fears killed them in the end. I am not saying we have to be fearful of everything, but we need to use our brains when doing so. We need to understand as human beings we have to fear and plan our strategies accordingly. A soldier on the war field doesn't go all out in the war zone without any protection just so he can get over the fear of death, he initiates all his moves with utmost precision and planning. Don't just jump on this "Being fearless" bandwagon just because everyone else is. Sometimes our fears are strongly inbuilt into us, out gut creates a sense of fear for us a humans to be safe, at times it is the best weapon we have to safeguard ourselves.

On the other hand, care also needs to be taken to ensure that your fears are not limiting your existence.

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