Underwater - Episode 1 - Veronica Decides to Jump


Since this is the first "episode" of the story, I would like to held every reader's hand and take you through my vision of "Underwater".

"Underwater" is a fantasy series about a girl who decides to end her life but unknowingly exchanges it for something she is yet to find words to describe. So sit back and enjoy every episode of Veronica's "Underwater" journey, just this time through your imagination and not via any AV device.

Episode 1

Veronica Decides to Jump

Walking down the Brooklyn Bridge at 1am in the night, Veronica had decided she will never come back again. Her hatred for this world had reached new heights with her boyfriend John cheating on her. Not like she was powerless or had no dreams, it is just that she no longer had the patience to wait for things to be correct as every time she tried correcting them they would mess up even further.

She took a deep breath and stared at the shiny black water flowing beneath the bridge.
"So this is how it ends. Sorry mom, sorry dad; but I just can't take all this anymore. And just when she was about to jump a police van approached her speedily and she started shivering with even the thought of being taken to a police office and being lectured about her choice of action.

She looked at the police officer waving at her to stop her, they started talking to her on a siren. While one of the police officer was announcing on the siren, the other was getting closer to Veronica. She was noticing everything and so she climbed the railing and jumped. The police officer next to her tried grabbing her by her hand and almost caught it. She fell head first into the waters.

An hour later, her parents arrived at the site and the search and rescue team gathered as well. She was no where to be found. The police contemplated her death but they couldn't retrieve her body. They decided to wait until morning and search the whole area again.

Veronica's parents were devastated. They guessed that their impending divorce might have been a mental torture for Veronica. Veronica's younger brother Jacob was shocked, he could barely understand what had happened and if his sister was actually dead. Veronica was his support, while everyone else teased and mocked him for his crooked teeth, Veronica made sure everyone in his school feared her existence.

That night no one slept, neither the officer who had almost grabbed her hand nor her parents and her brother and nor Veronica herself.

The morning search resulted in the same result, nothing found. The family had to go back home in tears as the police had considered her to be dead as they themselves had seen her jump.

Veronica woke up with water all around her, and lots of fishes and a whole new world which was hidden from humans till date. She thought it was probably heaven, she thought she had died.

While above the waters her world had ended, underwater it had just began...

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