October - Varun Dhawan's career best performance ?


When one thinks of Varun Dhawan, one does not think of a very serious actor because 99% of his movies have been romcoms. But October is here to change and prove what Varun Dhawan as an actor is capable of doing.

October is simply emotional

October is a simple story which takes a sad twist with an unfortunate freak accident. The ones who love fast paced, edge of the seat drama should stay away from this one. If you love dissecting human emotions and diving deep into emotions then this movie is for you.

The movie is lined up with some really simple yet thought provoking dialogues. One of which is where Varun Dhawan's character Dan (Short for Danish) questions everyone's act of deciding for Shiuli if she should live or not and the hard fact that no one is ready to give her a chance to take that decision herself. The plot is simple but the relationship levels are such that it becomes an amusing story to follow.

Dan and Shiuli's emotional journey touches your heart

Dan who barely knows Shiuli and is detested by everyone for his bad work attitude becomes too disturbed with Shiuli's accident and her vegetative state. While everyone else's life moves on, Dan's life gets stuck with Shiuli. The flower in the movie poster is symbolic of Shiuli's character, she loves the Shiuli flower popularly known as Parijat. But the sad thing about these flowers is that they blossom at night and fall before the sun rises, thus having a short life span; just like Shiuli. Also the flower starts blooming in October and hence the name. Surprisingly there are some really good funny moments too which break the seriousness where it is needed.
Overall the movie has some very good scenes but because of the emotional journey the 2 hour movie feels like a 3 hour one. The lobby scene between Dan and Shiuli can make anyone cry.

Varun Dhawan's "October" stays with you 

The fact that you feel sad for Shiuli and Dan after walking out of the theater is a proof that the movie connects and wins. Even after a few days, whenever I see those flowers it still makes me a bit sad thinking about Shiuli and Dan, that is the power of emotions Shoojit Sircar has managed to touch. It is Varun's best performance till date.

Do watch it for Varun Dhawan's phenomenal acting and a script which based on nothing but emotions is rare to see in Bollywood. The movie will leave you sad but will also make you love more passionately! Some will love it, some will hate it, but whoever watches it will definitely not forget the characters.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

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