Underwater - Episode 3 - A Different Pathway


"In the waters, lies a world,
In the waters, swims her blood"
The snake like creature whispered after swinging it's head and lowering itself to stare more closely into Veronica's eyes.

Veronica was so scared that she could not move a bit. She could feel a chill run down her spine. This creature was crazy looking and was speaking English, it was beyond her understanding. Her throat was drying, the creature gave her one long stare, looked around and swam away swiftly.

All Veronica could do was stare into the endless waters he had just disappeared into. She felt breathless and just then she realized she was breathing underwater, bubbles erupted from her nose every time she tried to take a deep breath. She wanted to get away from here, some place safe where there were no swimming snakes with large red blood eyes.

She tried swimming but she failed, she had tried learning to swim many times but could never get around it. She walked a few meters and struggled to keep up her balance, the floor was now getting slowly covered with slippery moss. Strangely she could see a pathway surrounded by tree like structures, underwater trees? Sea weed ? She decided to just stop trying to understand and  go with the flow, quite literally.

There were carbs adjacent the pathway, crawling on the mossy seabed and a few small fishes swimming in and around the sea weed kind of trees which were almost double Veronica's height.
She kept walking until she was tired and decided to sit down and take a moment to relax.
"What if mom and dad find me? I can't face them. Shit, what have I done. I am such a failure, I failed at killing myself and now am lost here in this crazy world which I cannot decipher. God, please let this be heaven, that way at least I won't have to face my parents ever. Within a few seconds Veronica fell asleep.

If only she knew her fate,
If only she knew the dangers,
If only she knew that she would wake up in a different place,
She would have walked anywhere but this  pathway...

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