The Book


Walked into a library and found many faces,
Lost between the pages,
Their souls had traveled far,
They bodies sitting motionless and ajar,
Some were searching for the perfect read,
Some had found their soulmate and stuck to it,
I walked down the aisle and started my search,
Between so many sections I was almost lost,
 So many titles, so many emotions, so less time,
Had to chose one and begin for sure,
Picking up one I walked towards a seat,
Suddenly my mind told me this is not it,
I went back and brought another one,
This seemed right, my mind was calmer,
One page, two and then three,
The journey began and I was on a judging spree,
After a few pages I started feeling the disconnect,
All that I had thought about the book's offering was not quite met,
The book was good but not my type,
I kept it back and brought another one,
This one was worse than the first one I must say,
Either my taste in books is bad or my luck is, I thought,
I got up one last time and brought back another one,
This seems alright,
The characters started speaking to me and I knew I had found my partner in crime,
I held it tightly and officially brought it home,
I kept reading and re-reading it over and over again,
I fell in love with each and every page,
This was the book which spoke my mind,
This was the book which made me come alive,
In excitement I shared it with a friend,
She was not so convinced and refused to read it,
On persistence she read a few pages & had an headache,
I was sorry for her trouble and saddened by the fact that
my good friend had not shared my liking,
We argued and argued for hours,
She walked away saying its a futile power,
I was left alone with my beloved book,
I tried to convince her but she never did,
The book might not be for everyone after all,
If it was, then won't everyone read just one book above all,
I would like to tell you the name of my book now,
"Religion" it is called and it makes a few many go wow,
We all have found one, we all believe in one,
To each his own, respect and move on!

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