My Writing Process and Why I am a Gardener & not an Architect!


The first time I came across the word "Gardener" was off course in school when we were taught that someone  who loves gardening and does it for a living is called a Gardener. But recenty I came across the same word being used in a completely different sense. Writer George R.R. Martin of the famous Game of Thrones Series exclaimed that he was a gardener and not an architect when it came to writing. Obviously I wanted to know more and so I read a few articles about it and realised that I too belonged to the gardener category, fortunately or unfortanetly that I am still to figure.

So what exactly does this mean? Well let  me explain (I like doing that!).

Someone who plans all sub plots of a story, details out every character and all hook points, has precise beginning, mid and end in his mind belongs to the Architect category of writing styles. While someone like me who starts a story and then lets everything around feed the story in my head while I write, allowing time to pass between the actual writing process and doesn't have everything figured out before they write belong to the Gardening thought process.

Like everything, both the stylesh have their own pros and cons. Like the Architects of storytelling can really end up writing a story without emotions and feelings as they have to stick to a plan and also there is very less space for imprompto additions. Since they have the entire story blueprint ready,at times it becomes difficult for them to sit through the entire actual writing process. On the other hand Gardening process makes the writer hooked to the story and keeps him thinking all the time. But at the same time, this process is very time consuming as one story might take days, months and even years to complete as the process is slow and is not a controlled one. For example, George R.R. Martin has been writing the 7th book of the Game of Thrones series for over six years now and he is expected to finish it not anytime soon.
While Artchitect style of writing is highly productive and these writers end up writing a book every year, Gardeners are more likely to churn out more creative ideas. 

It's not that I tried to get more disciplined and crossover to the Architect style of writing, I did. But it just doesn't work for me. I guess to each his own, not everyone can be bound to a style they just can't imbibe naturally and be comfortable in.

For now I am happy that my style matches with that of legendary George R.R. Martin !!!

What's your style of writing ? Do share it with me in the comments section.

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