Men Vs Women : Buying Meat at the Butcher Shop


This is my new series where I will be pointing out the general difference in personalities between men and women in different situations. This doesn't mean that all men are alike or that all women are the same, it is my own personal take which I have built over the years through my observation.

 Men Vs Women : Buying Meat at the Butcher Shop articles menwomen writings writers shortreads series mustread gender personalities insightsTraditionally men were supposed to be hunters and women took care of the homes, offsprings and ensured stability or so we have been taught was the case right from our stone age. Thankfully we have come out of the stone age into the current screen age, and the growth has bee enormous. Though there a few who still haven't been able to evolve and understand the concept of gender equality, overall the situation is much better than the stone age for sure. Do note that here I am talking about the local butcher and not the frozen meat section or the meat section in malls where the ball game is completely different.

Humans who don't eat meat or meat related products like eggs are called "Vegetarians" and the rest are called "Non  - Vegetarians". I have observed how the butcher shop was still populated by male customers. Not that women don't go to buy meat, but in general, women don't like to look at gory details and so they avoid the visit consciously is what I can guess. 

Men are okay with the gory details and violence? Now that they were traditionally meant to be hunters, I think that might be the reason that they are pretty neutral about watching animal pieces lying around. The stench is another aspect which keeps the women away from the shop while the men care a damn about it. If you ever see a woman at a butcher shop, you will see her covering her nose with a handkerchief. I find this ironical as women wash the meat, cook it and even eat it but can't stand the reality of dead pieces of meat being butchered. That's how women are no? We can kill someone if intimidated but we are also the ones who are scared of lizards and cockroaches. Sigh!

Men, in general, can be seen playing games on their mobile while they stand in a queue, some even taking pictures of the butchery while others just staring into endless space thinking about something only they know of. You will seldom find a man holding a handkerchief over his nose, at times I feel women have a heightened sense of smell.

The ordering style varies all well, men are straight forward and have complete knowledge of what to buy, this is only because the lady of the house has warned them about the portion of meat. Women, on the other hand, don't like to even look at the meat and just tell the butcher to give them a freshly cut piece and end the torture as soon as possible. I might be wrong as well, there might be women who love to be at the butcher shop, for some it might be like going to the candy shop, so please note that I am speaking about the majority here. 

One last distinguishing factor is the happiness men feel when they walk out from the butcher shop as they know they will be having a hearty lunch/dinner on that day while the remorseful sadness that just fills the women's heart out of no reason at all.

So what do you think, am I right or am I wrong? Share your views in comments!

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