Titanic Rose Dawson - Kate Winslet - Character Biopsy


Whoever has watched Titanic, has unknowingly fallen for Rose essayed by Kate Winslet. Rose Dawson takes on her journey on the gigantic Titanic with her fiance and her mother. Her fiance is an irritating male chauvenistic guy and she doesn't like him a bit but still agrees to go on this beautiful voyage with him. Right from her first scene in the movie, we see layers of sadness on her face. Rose acts happy but is not, this is very apparent from her close ups, she is constantly taken over by thoughts. It is this sadness that makes her more beautiful. She is tired of many things, majorly of her repetative routine. So much so that she even jumps from the ship to commit suicide and end it all. This comes as a surprise for us as audiences because Rose never discusses her problems with anyone, that might be one of the reasons her frustations pile up on her pushing her to end her life. 
Titanic Rose Dawson - Kate Winslet - Character Biopsy
Titanic was all about Rose (Image source : Flickr)

She is passionate, headstrong and fearless, this is seen clearly in the scenes post the iceberg hits the ship. Rose who was once shown fragile and delicate in the begining of the movie, can now be seen in neck deep water trying to save as many people as she can together with Jack and at the same time find an escape out of the sinking ship. 


Jack played by Leonardo DiCaprio saves Rose and fails her suicide attempt, he too is travelling on this huge ship with a lost soul. They eventually fall in love and changes in Rose's character can be easily seen. She was always sopposed to be poised and classy, though she wanted to do many things for fun and liesure, her class in the society did not allow that. Once she falls in love with Jack, she throws all cautions and is seen doing random things with him that sets her soul free. Rose is finally happy, why? Because and only because she can be herself, and more importantly she can be herself around someone and that someone loves her.

As far as control is concerned, Rose is not in control of anything. Neither the ship, not it's sinking nor her own love life, she is merely a part of the happenings. One more detail about her liking Picasso over other conventional painters reveals the fact that she indeed had choices that are not within the societiel boundaries, she had a mind of her own. Someone who has a mind of her own and yet can't control anything in her life, there is an epic contrast in her character which makes it more likeable.

Rose doesn't have a specific set of skills but her inner self changes a lot from begining to the end. She starts from being a girl who wants to kill herself and ends up being a girl who want to live for just a few moments more with her lover.
Major Contrast
Everything about Rose is a major contrast in itself. She is from upper class but hates upper class and it's antics and rules, she is a lady with unladylike habits, she wants to kill herself but instead ends up falling in love. She is headstrong and yet has a fiance whom she hates and keeps tolerating. 


While we witness Rose's relationship with many men including her fiance and Jack, there is only one women she has a relationship with and it is her cold heartless mother. She is completely opposite of her mother, though this realationship is not much developed in the movie.

Rose will always be etched in our heart, every time we see Kate Winslet he first thing we still think of is "Rose".

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