#Experiences : A Rickshaw ride with two Eunuchs


I like walking, but unfortunately time constraints don't allow me to do it that often. So rickshaw rides for shopping is quite normal for me. So the other day I took a rickshaw to Vasai station and when I took the rickshaw, it was empty, I was the only passenger. After five minutes, two eunuchs stopped the rickshaw and I was a bit surprised as this was the first time I ever saw Eunuchs stopping a auto rickshaw for travel. So instead of shifting in and giving them space to sit, I got down from the rickshaw.

They stared at me thinking I got down because I didn't want to sit with them. And the moment I understood the wierdness of the whole scene, I clarified,
"I have to get down before station so I will sit outside" and hearing that they sat in and I followed and took the window seat. Now they were huge, I could barely sit,  so I requested the eunuch sitting besides me to shift a little to which he replied,


#Experiences : A Rickshaw ride with two EunuchsI had no reply to this, I was just plainly flabbergasted because I was not expecting a societal problem as a revert to my genuine inability to fit into the small space that was offered. I pushed myself in and somehow made the space. It was a 10 minute ride but it felt like a half hour ride with them staring at me the entire time. I had some work messages to be read and I felt the eunuch sitting besides me staring into my screen, I ignored it because this was human nature, many aunties have done the same to me on many previous rides. I won't lie, I was intimidated and I don't know why other than the fact that my entire childhood has been loaded of incidents of eunuchs banging at our door insanely for alms. The same thing happens when we travel in trains, there are few eunuchs who get so aggresive when you don't give them an amount that they have fixed in their head that they start abusing. And let me be very clear, I am not saying every eunuch does this, no they don't. But there are a few out there who are just scandalizing the entire community of  people who were earlier regarded as carriers of good luck and prosperity.

I just hope someday, we progress so much as a country that no one feels dominated or supressed and no human being has to beg for a living. Yes many consider it a choice and also label them shameless for begging but in reality it is the most degrading thing a human being can do and won't ever do it if the conditions were not extreme and all other options were tried and tested but didn't work. Atleast the genuine, real humans would always love to have their self respect intact no matter what.

Hoping some day no gender feels they have to "Always Adjust".

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