The He She Story ...


He was standing there with all his soul,
No one could deny he had lost control,

She was staring at him from behind the closed doors,
She was scared as hell & angry for sure,

He was begging for forgiveness and much more,
But this had happened too often for her to ignore,

She had bruises all over her body which proved the threat,
The body which had love bites was now decorated with regret,

He knocked the door once more before she finally flew it open,
She knew this was her last token,

She knew this was her last chance to kick his ego,
She knew this was her only chance to make the frustrating reality just go,

She spit on his face before he could talk further any more,
He was shocked and grabbed her by her neck & pushed her to the floor,

But she was not in the mood to give up after coming so close,
She got up and kicked him between his legs where it hurt him the most,

She dragged him by the collar while he kept trying to push her away,
She was giving him the treatment he was giving her for ages everyday,

She picked a meat knife from her kitchen drawer & held it at his sweaty neck,
While he was angered she made her statement in distress,
" Dare you touch me again or show me your face,
I will mark your entire body with shame with this very blade,
Don't you dare to kick me again, don't you dare pull me by my hair,
I am sorry for this planet has morons like you to address,
Before I kill you this very moment and end all your mess,
Run for your life and never show me your soul again..."

He was now dumbfounded and kind of scared,
He ran for his life like she had just said,

Like all stories have an impact,
This one too should scream out the fact,
Don't subject her to your violence & attack,
She will rise one day and blackout all your senses & return the debt,
Don't treat women like a punching bag or you surely will regret ! 

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