Religions and Ghosts - The Chronicles of the White Saree Clad Spirit


So we all have heard about ghosts and we all are quite familiar with the concept of religion. Now the fact that startled me the other day was how we as humans have successfully limited the existence of ghosts (which is a debatable topic in itself) to religion.

We affix religion to ghosts too, kind of funny and dumb at the same time. Let me explain !

We as Indians have been a race of vibrancy and variety, so when it comes to ghosts, we have made sure we keep them distinguished by their religious dress up and godly chants. While for some a lady in a white saree is what defines a ghost, for some others a devil with red eyes who is Satan's child and afraid of the holy cross a ghost !

So do you see the fact now that we as humans have made ghosts follow religions ! Ghosts, ghosts who according to the people who believe in their existence can anything they want to do; the same ghost apparently doesn't have the freedom to dress differently or for that matter chant differently than what humans do. Funny right ?

Does that mean one does not get to do what they want to even after they become a ghost? Why a saree ? Why not a cocktail dress or for that matter a suited up sleak James Bond kind of cool guy ? Because our religions have never described ghosts to us in normal settings... Ghosts have always been described in the religion as an antagonist to the godly figures, so they still follow the religious fashion of thoughts but are just against the good things. It is also interesting to note that NO ONE os us has ever met a person who has really seen or felt a spirit, but we all have had heard stories from friends and friends of friends about some other friend's friend experiencing or seeing a spirit and its reckless behavior. STRANGE

Think about it.
When was the first time you ever heard about a ghost ? Probably in your childhood when a older friend told you a spooky ghost story of a man with ulte pair or a white saaree clad lady who stops cars on highways and then they all disappear to nowhere or tales of a woman (again clad in a white saree) crying endlessly in or around a historical ruin. The stories get stuck to you and then some of us fall for them and the domino effect begins. More ghosts in white saaree are created, more mad women entering other's bodies for creating a reckless fear are created and the whole insanity just doesn't stop. The ghosts if they are any must really be laughing on our IQ levels for sure.

May be the whole white saree thing emerged from our culture where widows in earlier days were urged to remain aloof and wear a white saree which kept them away from the preying eyes of men around them. May be the lady in white saree ghost was one of the mechanisms used by our ancestors to safeguard the widows who used to go into khets and the likes at night for attending the nature call or for taking care of the fields. I have no idea what the reason was and how it emerged but this is what I could guess.

For once I have started feeling bad for these ghosts, I mean what kind of a life argggh death or existence have they got ! They have become puppets of our imagination, because even outside our culture, the west associates them only with the color white. Its interesting to note that while white symbolizes purity and celebration for the westerners, Indian culture attaches death and sadness to the same color. We as humans have really gone far far ahead in ruling over a ghost's existence for sure!

 Its like having the superpowers but being made to use them to just scare humans or aid their nonsensical philosophies. The women ghosts for that matter should actually start a revolt for their fashion is highly compromised, they need to have more colorful attires now apart from the white saaree and the open shampoo ad black hair. I would have really been very very pissed if I was told what to do even after I became a ghost, I mean like then what's the whole point of becoming a ghost who has the power of vanishing and doing crazy things?

The ghosts need a life, not a religion !

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