Mujhe Farak Nahi Padta


So today's HT Cafe headline read "Mujhe farak nahi padta" and it was apparently said by Aamir Khan. At first I really thought it was about what people think about Thugs of Hindostan, but turns out the article was about social media bullying and how the actor just doesn't care about the social media commentary on him or his work.

To think of it, can we really ignore the social media commentary that goes around us on any given topic? Be it the JNU and Deepika Padukone controversy or the Tanhaji and Chapak box office fight, everything is commented majorly on social media. I was in fora shock when I switched on a news channel the other day and all they were showing were tweets from different stars and the comments on them.

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And the statement "Mujhe Farak nahi padta" is really very ballsy to speak of. I mean a common man says this line only when he has given up on someone or is really really frustrated and angry right? And ironically that frustration shows that farak padta hai. You and me can rarely use this statement, because common man ko sab cheezon se farak padta hai. Be it increasing onion prices or nationwide bandh, common man ke liye "farak padna" is very common.

May be Aamir Khan can remain unaffected by social media, can we? Can you not post a picture of that Masterchef level dessert you had last night or the chat that you eat on the weekend? Can you stop yourself from posting a selfie on a festival? Can we really say "Mujhe farak nahi padta?"

Because this applies not just to negative comments but also the positive ones...  
What do you guys think?

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