Ranveer Singh and his antics - He needs to stop?


Ranveer Singh and his antics - What went wrong?
Ranveer Singh is all over the place these days, quite literally so. There is no doubt that everyone loves Ranveer endlessly, to the point that fans accept everything he does as an act of stardom. But his recent acts have made us rethink. 

Recently while promoting Gully Boy, Ranveer Singh was launching the music of the movie. In excitement he literally jumped from the stage into the crowd which was full of his fans. Baba as he is lovingly called not only shocked the audiences but a few women were also injured by this act of insanity.

Now he had done this before and the crowd had loved him and also caught him. This time he literally fell down and had a domino effect. The question is why? What was the need? Frankly speaking he just got carried away and had no clue that this time he was not going to be carried away by people and instead was going to crash in the crowd. The saddening part is that as per online reports some people even got injured by this unexpected shocking act.

This happened at Lakme Fashion Week, Bandra where Ranveer was performing on Gully Boy songs. Now the question is, would the stars be okay if they went on for an international concert and the singer just jumped into the crowd right on them? They probably won't like it. Ranveer's energy levels are always high and they work for a medium which runs on TRPs and eyeballs, but while dealing with real people, he really needs to start taking extra care. Yes some of his fans are even supporting this behavior, but to them I would just say imagine your family member being there in the crowd and you will realize how dangerous it is considering none of them had signed up it. Audiences were there to watch Ranveer perform and not watch him jump on them. 

It's about time he rethinks his interpersonal skills because to top this off there is a video doing rounds of Mr. Singh talking about singing so loudly that it would wake up the dead bodies in J.J Hospital which was located alongside the ground. How can someone support this statement? If his fans really do love him then it's about time they tell him the truth and don't sugar coat things. Before things go more wrong, it's better he pulls up his socks and doesn't take his fans for granted.

I don't hate Ranveer Singh, in fact I loved him in Padmavat and I feel Gully Boy is going to be his career best performance. But his antics needs a serious rethinking session.

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