"Race 3" Review - The End of Salman Era ?


Looking at the poster of "Race 3", I couldn't stop wondering on how similar it looks to Sylvester Stallone's lastest installment of "The Expendables" where he looks too old to carry off the franchise.

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Salman Khan's Race 3 fails at every aspect of film making

Race 3 is beyond boring, it is irritating

Race 3 has a lot going for it and alot going against it but as a movie it really is a bunch of non sensical scenes stuck together with the glue of monotony and over the top unrealistic dialogues. The plot is simple, in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Salman had given a message on how important families are and in this one he is supposed to give a message about how dangerous a family can be. But all this falls flat on it's face when you see Remo D'souza's lousy direction coupled with absurd dialogues.

 Anil Kapoor is the only performance you can bear 

Anil Kapoor aka Shamsher is the only saving grace of the movie and it's very evident that if Salman Khan doesn't start making sensible movie choices then it is surely going to be a career suicide. Yes the movie made over 100 crores, but that is sheerly because his fans love him, he is no more than a religion for them and they aren't wrong as he has a legacy of good movies as well.

Anil Kapoor plays the role of a runaway criminal who has made a island of weapon manufacturing and thrives on it. Sikandar aka Salman is is step son while Daisy Shah and Saqeeb Salim are his twins. Then there is Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez and many other actors whose character I couldn't understand. Their sudden Bhojpuri conversations are so out of place that it makes you wonder why are you wasting 2 and half hours of your life which you will never get to relive again.

Perfectly ruins the Race franchise forever 

The Race franchise is known for it's edge of the seat suspense but this one has all the suspense and revelations at the end one after the another. So by the time you try to understand what all these characters are doing and why, they reveal that they were lying about the characters and that what you know till now is all fake. Saqeeb Salim's "Bro" and Daisy Shah's "Our Business is our business, none of your business" and other such idiotic rhyming dialogues become another layer of cringeworthly content.

The scene between Salman Khan and Bobby Deol where both tear out their shirts to go all bare chested and fight it out is just plain hilarious. I just have one question, WHY?

Why ruin a good franchise by having a new masala movie director direct a suspense thriller ? The genres are so different that it shows Remo D'Souza's incapability to hande suspense movies. This wasn't a dance movie and yet there was a lot of dancing. I wish I could unsee Salman Khan's moves in the song "Heeriye", it almost made my eyes bleed. The music pulls it underground with "Selfish" which is written by Salman himself. May be, just may be the song is good but doesn't fit the Race genre.

If you want to watch race, watch the old 2 installments, this one will make you want to poke yourself in the eye and question if Salman really needs to do such movies?

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