What Will Movie Stories Be Like in 100 Years?


100 years ago no one could have guessed that a movie release would create an outrage on streets or a technology to bring Dinosaurs back in reel life would ever be possible, but we are living in an age of these realities. This makes me wonder how movies and stories will be like in a hundred years from now.

Right now our stories are going into the past, taking "inspiration" and coming back as remakes, at least the movie stories are. There is a visible dearth in stories when it comes to Indian cinema currently. When was the last time you saw a movie which was not a biography or a historic or a remake or a sequel and you still enjoyed it? Pure stories of people who are real are becoming rare to find. Kangana Ranaut's Queen, Bhumi Pednekar and Ayushmaan Khurana's Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, and Vidya Balan's Tumhari Sulu are a few names which are literally gems of recent times. While movies like Golmaal Returns , Judwaa 2 and the likes storm the box office, they are not telling a new story. They are merely taking an old story ahead or worse,they are just retelling the same old same old story through a new screenplay.

A 100 years from now, movies will have stories based on today's heroes? Will they ? Do we really have heroes in this era? Icons, Legends? The current era is so busy consuming so much of media in all ways that becoming a path breaker and a game changer has taken a backseat. The only so called "icons" we have are either the filthy rich who are busy portraying Botox as a everyday commodity & the whole world is busy "Keeping Up" with their antics and those showcasing six pack abs with zero pack of brains. We are living in an era where a high school student is made into a troll for being a topper and securing 98% while someone who specializes in buffoonery becomes an online favorite.

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Movie stories in 100 years
100 years from now movies will probably be made on life story of inventor or YouTube or Twitter ( I actually see it happening in the next 10 years itself), we will also continue to have stories of alien invasion ( provided by then we are not actually invaded by aliens, because if we are then this whole post will become pointless). The stories will also revolve around how badly humans have destroyed this planet, how female species are becoming extinct in some countries due to excessive female infanticide and the likes. Stories based on the life of the then common man will also travel to the celluloid and make a mark by discussing problems like global warming and lowered average living span of humans which will affect all love stories. Heroes stories will become obsolete, stories will be about the Villians and justification of their actions which ultimately will portray them as the heroes. Actresses will showcase the use of more and more technology to look younger which will become a fad with the common people and they will also be a torchbearer of feminism.

Advanced robotics will work it's magic and the technology will not only make human life dependent on them but will also seep into the movie stories. Movies based on human emotions of robots and machines, their invasion on our planet and human life trying to escape will take over. I know many of these themes are already explored but they have failed and they have failed because they were made in the wrong era, the film makers were literally ahead of their times in such cases.

Last but not the least, I don't  know exactly what the stories will be like, but I hope movies will still continue to have stories even after a 100 years.

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