Worst 5 Bollywood movies of all times


Well we all have our favorite movies and the ones we hate the most. Being a movie buff I stay away from initial word of mouth and watch the movie myself before judging it, so you will find some obvious ones too here in the list.
Below is a list of 5 (there are many more but I am sticking to the top 5 for now) Bollywood movies I have hated the most.

1. Gajgamini 

I had my hopes really low for this one but when I actually saw the film, my low level hopes were washed down with bad a bad script and low production values. MF Hussian's masterpiece is nothing but a boring saga of nothingness where nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense. Even Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit's genuine attempt to act out what seems to be a confused half baked mess couldn't save this one from becoming a disaster in all sense.

2. Shaandaar 

There is nothing "Shaandaar" about Shahid Kapooor and Alia Bhatt's senseless "Shandaar". While Shahid Kapoor and Alia's character struggle to sleep, as an audience the movie really puts one to sleep. Huge sets, larger than life characters and foreign locations couldn't save this sleepless saga mainly because of the fact that the movie paid minimal attention to the script and the logic behind it.

3. Fitoor 

Visually "Fitoor" was a masterpiece; a six pack abs chocolate hero and a 50 shades of red haired heroine and the serene backdrop of Kashmir transcended every frame into a painting. What lacked is the transparency of character developments. The script was so over loaded with deceptions and unpredictability that even after watching the end 3 times I still have no clue who actually was Tabu's daughter in the film and what was the whole fiasco about.  Its the perfect case of overload of so many character nuances that they all lose their meaning.

4. Players 

There is a pile of bad movies, beneath that there is 10 feet of garbage and beneath that lies "Players". Stealing gold while it is in transit sounds like a good plot but the moment you get into the movie you release that its all downhill. The problem with "Players" is that it is one of the worst combinations of bad performances and bad scripting. The script has a million loopholes which is a catastrophe for a heist movie. Undoubtedly Sonam Kapoor's one of the worst performances till date. Touted as "The Italian Job" remake, "Players" was a huge disappointment.

5. Sultan

Yes, it was a huge blockbuster and minted a lot at the box office but "Sultan" as a movie and as a story has very little sense to offer. Firstly Salman Khan's character has no intention or dream to ever become a wrestler, he falls for Anushka who is a wrestler and becomes a wrestler to impress her. Eventually Anushka gets pregnant and her career is down the drain & Salman wins gold at olympics, what happens to Anushka's character ambitions? No one knows. A completely forced melodrama set inside the wrestling ring, that's all "Sultan" was.

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