Hulk in Mumbai - Will Mr. Banner survive? What if superheroes were in India ?


When Mr. Bruce Banner had to come India for an experiment, he decided to stay at his friend's place in Andheri. Not so good idea considering his lab was situated in Churchgate, but Mr. Banner never had a problem traveling in trains, not in the states at least.

Bruce Banner is waiting at Andheri station for his Churchgate train and has already started to loose his cool. Being a doctor who becomes a monster when angered is not being easy, especially when you are in a city like Mumbai.

Somehow Mr. Bruce Banner managed to hop into the train. Standing in middle of the passage, he was bumping into someone or the else. The stench of sweat mixed with weird perfumes and talcum powders filled the air. Mr. Banner starting losing his balance when the crowd started increasing and in a hurry he tried grabbing a handle at the top. But who knew one small attempt to regain his balance would off balance someone's anger instead. A man standing just below the handle had earphones in his ears, Mr. Banner's hand slipped  from the handle and fell directly on the wires of the man's earphones and that snatched his earphones and his phone was pulled out from his pocket.

Yes that's how Mumbai local fights begin, one person looses balance either physically or mentally and then hell breaks loose. Mr.Banner gets into a fight and within a few minutes his anger gets out of control. As people in the coach start taking sides and a few try to stop the fight, Mr. Banner's shirt has already started ripping off, revealing his green physic and his body starts growing enormously. So much so that many men standing on the foot board get pushed out of the running train.

The roof ruptures, Mr. Banner's upper half of the body rammed out of the roof like bamboo pole. Mr. Banner has become become Hulk, his pants have shrunk and his shirt has torn and fell off somewhere. The train comes to an abrupt halt and the passengers have no clue what is happening, some are clicking pictures of this absurd happening while others are busing jumping off the train in an attempt to save their lives from this monster.

News channel flash breaking news " Mumbai's Churchgate bound local haulted, a monster stuck in its roof", "Mumbai mein rakshash atka train mein,dekhiye puri khabar sirf Parso Tak par"

Hulk was in agony, one powerful  turn full of rage and the entire train with all its coaches derailed like a toy train. Hulk broke free and uprooted the rail track. Betty Ross isn't in India yet so she can't control his anger and cool him down. A macchiwali runs over Hulk's feet and pours fish water on him, the commotion around confuses him while the stench makes him thump his feet harder with anger . Railway police is on its way for damage control and just before they reach something wonderful happens. An old lady selling vada pav offers the angry Hulk a vada pav with her shaky hands, one bite and his anger subsides. Just like for every other Mumbaikar, an unpretentious simple vada pav cools his anger and frustration.

Hulk Mumbai Shorts Story Life Banner
Mr. Banner is back in his half torn shirt and his torn pants, Hulk's gone. The railway police is confused as to where the monster went. Mr. Banner tries to recollect what happened but he doesn't remember a thing, like everyone else he walks on the open area alongside the uprooted railway track; it leads him to the nearest railway station i.e Bandra station. His appearance has become a problem by now, everyone around starts scanning him from top to bottom. Fortunately or unfortunately he lands down in Bandra west, being a Friday evening the traffic is horrifying. Mr. Banner had to reach Churchgate for an important experiment, but he ends up being at Carters thanks to a lift given by a biker. Remembering his experiment he tried to rush towards Churchgate in a rickshaw, again a bad idea.

A total of 10 auto rickshaw wallas declined his request, for a change the rickshaw wallas were correct in their denial to carry Mr. Banner to Churchgate. First of all he didn't look like he could pay and second of all the Rickshaws don't usually run up to Churchgate. Mr. Banner's experiment schedule now has to wait till the Mumbai local gets back on track. Because Mumbai locals run Mumbai and without them everything will come to a halt, just like it did for Mr. Banner. And just when Mr. Banner was thinking to get back to Andheri, it started raining heavily.

Without an umbrella, stuck on streets of Bandra, Mr. Banner saw a crowd accumulating on sidewalk at a distance. When he inquired, he realized that they were fans of a Bollywood actor who lived in the building alongside the road and that it was a normal spot for his fans to spot him. Trying to make a way out of the crowd and saving himself from the rains, Mr. Banner reached Bandra fort. With awkward looks from the SOBO crowd, Mr. Banner started feeling out of place instantly, his torn clothes weren't helping him mix in even though he had more clothes on him than people around him did.

Feeling dejected and having missed his experiment, Mr. Banner decides to leave and get back to US asap but all flights get cancelled due to heavy rains and trains which were halted already due to Hulk's destruction, come to a total halt all over Mumbai thanks to the rains.

Mr. Banner slept on a roadside bench the entire night, two halwaldaars even forced him to go away but he like the Mumbaikar spirit kept coming back to the bench he had found to sleep. He called up his friend in Andheri who helped him get the tickets. After 2 days of rains, he was finally about to board a flight but to his dismay the flight got delayed for 2 hours. The waiting room was full of commotion, reportedly a bomb scare resulted in a further delay of 3 hours.

The peaceful area outside the airport experienced a sudden rise of screams, people came running out of the airport. Mr. Banner's anger had erupted due to the endless delays & commotion, Hulk had arrived smashing everything in his way.
The flights were delayed till further notice and Hulk had ruined another way of transport...

Mr. Banner had to wait for another week for the whole commotion to stop & get on a flight to US.

Moral : Mumbai runs & lives up to its spirit only because of endless patience shown by Mumbaikars. The day Mumbaikars start becoming Hulk & burst their angry, the city will come to a standstill.

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