Seven Deadly Sins


Seven Deadly Sins they say,
Do not commit any, come what may,
First one they say is Gluttony,
For a foodie like me, its such an agony...

Second sin is that of luxury,
Doesn't it rule our lives like puppetry ?
Then how and why do we still continue its slavery?
Its a mystery but we definitely don't stay away from the second sin for sure...

Third sin we are supposed to avoid is that of greed,
Unfortunately its the only thing on which our souls feed,
Let me be very frank and clear,
It's nearly impossible to stay away from it dear...

Pride is the fourth sin,
But it is so deep rooted in us that it almost feels like a conjoined twin,
We don't move an inch without an iota of pride,
We have not been able to overcome it,
humans have tried tried and tried...

Sorrow and despair is the fifth sin for you to spare,
It is as impossible to stay away from as is walking on thin air,
We commit it regularly more than our hearts can bear,
Sorrow is with whom each one of us has a secret affair...

Endless anger ranks sixth in the list of sins,
But how can we stop something without even realizing when and how it actually begins?
Anger gives our ego the wings,
We cannot let go of it even if it takes us to Dante's hell filled rings...

The last sin is special and sacred,
Because we all commit & crave to commit it every now & then...
Yes laziness is a sin my dear,
The amount of laziness we have should make us all fear...

Don't know how but the seven sins look like seven aspects of human life,
We won't be able to spot even one human who has committed none of the above,
In fact we love the every sin and live it up...
A perfect description of culmination of all 
seven deadly sins is what humanity has become...

Poem - Seven Deadly Sins...
(Image source: Flickr)

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