Donald Trump - The President of USA, how did this even happen?


The probable human behavior that lead to Mr.Donald Trump's victory 
Okay so there was a time during the US Presidential elections somewhat in Mid September & October 2016 when everyone around the globe thought that Donald Trump was going to lose the elections and make a fool of himself. From the results we learnt that the one who is ready to make a fool of himself often succeeds rather than the one who is too self obsessed to not do so.

Now the question is what made the US citizens who voted, to choose Mr. Trump over his opponent Hillary Clinton?  What exactly did prompt this so called "extreme" behavior? 

Donal Trump as the US President - Where and what went wrong ?
Mr. Donald Trump is the President of United States of America 
May be they like his hairstyle? his mannerisms ? his constant outbursts in news ? or may be the very fact that the man in question was never worried about what his opponent was saying or doing. The fact that a multi- millionaire who has judged a TV show where thousands of people from US and outside applied to become his "Apprentice" says quite a lot about why the results turned out so, doesn't it? Viewers of the popular reality television show loved him when he fired someone saying "You are fired" in his trademark style, viewers loved him when he was blunt and when he cared nothing but about the business on hand; now isn't that what everyone wants in a President ?

The answer is yes, but the fact that Mr.Trump comes in with a lot of other things than the good ones mentioned above got completed lost in all the arguments and the promises. Be it trolls taking over the wall building dream or the sheer outrage on racist remarks, Americans and every global citizen watching the election unfold on television news coverage was confused as to which of the contestant's is the lesser of the evil.

Its sad to realize the fact that we are living in times where we have to choose a lesser evil than making a choice between the best of the bests. Times have changed and so has the people's patience levels and their definitions of conscience, at some of time everyone is bound to think about what is good for the and not about how it can harm others around them; this is the tragic downfall of human sensitivity that the human race has accomplished.

For now all we can do is hope that Mr. Donald Trump proves to be a superlative President proving all his critics wrong; because even if this means that his critics will loose, it will also mean that America wins and that my friend is the need of the hour.

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