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So the other day, oops sorry I meant the other night while my brain was not ready to remain sane, it started to wander in the horror of shadows and the unknown creatures of the night which have scared the hell out of us since our very childhood. Since our early childhood we have been made almost habitual to hate the darkness, every time a child cries the mother is seen pointing at a dark corner and saying "Eat your food else the three eyed monster shall arrive from there". Unfortunately no one told us anything about the ghosts that walk into our lives everyday, every freaking day.

There are many kinds of things we are afraid of, one of them happens to be ghosts, the walking dead kind. The darkness of the night, the sober sprinkle of a little sparkle of light from the moon with the sound of the moving hands of a wall clock are all ingredients of a spooky sleepless night which might result into a scary experience indeed. I never understood why the so called "ghosts" or "spirits" are supposed to come out only at night, do they sleep in the day? or is it just the fact that daylight turns everything funny and real so they are portrayed to be the kings and queens of the dark? Whatever it might be, I cannot imagine what I would end up doing if one afternoon I realised that the lady standing next to me dressed in complete white is in fact a ghost and not an actual person.

Well while both the presence and absence of the zombie looking ghosts is an entertaining debatable subject, we have many other kinds of ghosts we seldom acknowledge the presence of. Each of us has a scary enough past which acts as a ghost, it too appears only under the mysteries of nights when the mind is ready to go on a window shopping of emotions.

Another ghost that we live along almost side by side is the ghost of our dead dreams, the dreams which we give up on, the dreams which never could take off and the ones which broke just before becoming a reality and also the ones we trash knowingly when we find a new and a better dream. The ghost of dead dreams is in my understanding best friends with the ghost called your past, both bring the house of your mind down on fire; quite literally. 

Apparently people are not afraid of these two which are quite scary but are scared of the walking dead ones whose presence is still a topic of discussion. Our mind is a monster in itself, it is the breeding ground for all kinds of ghosts... Its upon us what we chose to grow in it! 

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