How to find love ? - Ways to find love 2015 style !


So there you are, all grown up waiting for your prince charming or for that matter a perfect girl. But unfortunately the cupid seems to have turned a deaf ear to your love requests. To add to the frustration; your best friend has a partner, your brainless siblings have found someone and almost all of your school friends have settled down or are settling down while your non existent love life has become a pipping hot topic of discussion everywhere.

But even in such atrocious situation, you have not yet lost hope. You are still waiting for love, that unending feeling of butterflies in your stomach and what not.

Well as far as I think, love is becoming more and more of a distant dream in this age of too much sharing, liking and re-tweeting. I cant help but ask the cupid - Does love in its pure still really exist? And even if it does, how long does it last? And the main question is how do you find love in this crazy age where you can add anything to your online shopping cart expect true love!

Those long walks on the beach or on a cold night are substituted by hangouts in overly priced coffee houses and fast food joints. Do we really need French fries to have a conversation?

So since the old ways are kicked out , following are the ways which I think can help you find love in 2015 -

1. Have a realistic social media account - It can be on Facebook , Twitter or the likes where you can and should showcase your emotions. Because you see these days everything needs to be showcased to prove its existence , except brains! You don't have to put everything you do on the social media like I just pooped updates and bathroom selfies are a total no no if you really want to attract love.

2. Be friends with a lot of people online, irrespective of the fact that you detest them in your personal life or for that matter you have never even met them in the first place. But these are called friends and your future partner might be a common friend hiding from the cupid

3. Make sure you post amazing pictures of yourself, doing various stuff. Travelling to different places, eating cuisine, food photography etc.

4. Don't be a creep. Do not sent sex texts or messages to anyone under any pretext! That will be the end of any hope for you !

If none of the above works for you, I will advice you dump internet for a few days and meet actual people around, like it used to happen ages ago and you definitely will find one.

Because the heart finds what at times even google or internet cannot, i.e. Love!  

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