5 Bollywood Movie Mistakes - Mind Blown - Baahubali , Aashiqui 2, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai & more


Bollywood plots are often filled with loopholes and this fact is becoming a norm these days especially in comedy movies. Below is a list of 5 mistakes in Bollywood movies which you might have not noticed and will blow your mind.

1. Sholay 

While the entire Ramgarh is shown facing the problem of no electricity, Dharmendra's character Veeru is shown drunk and on a water tank. Water tank's run on water pumps and needs electricity supply, so all we can guess is that the people of Ramgarh climbed to the top of the so called tanki and removed water themselves ?

2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

It's my all time favorite movie but it has a major loophole in it's plot. Rani Mukherji leaves 8 letters for her daughter to read until she is 8 years old, 1 letter for every year, okay? Now think about it. Rani Mukherji's character Tina expected her 1 year daughter to start reading? Who was that first 2-3 letters for exactly? And did her daughter even read them?

3. Baahubali 2

Katappa was Bahubali's mentor right from his childhood, agreed. Katappa was like his shadow and followed him everywhere, agreed. But what stood out to me was how Katappa was still alive and as powerful as earlier even for Bahubali's son on whom "Baahubali 2" is based on. Clearly Katappa has been eating some magical chyavanprash for breakfast, lunch and dinner because technically he should have been atleast 80 to 100 years old when Baahubali's son took over. But he fails to age.

4. Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha

Kajol's character is left behind at the railway platform when she gets down to visit the loo. Only if she and the maker's knew that all trains have inbuilt restrooms then this mishap and the whole movie  could have been avoided.

5. Aashiqui

This one had really made me laugh. So everyone remembers the opening scene of the movie where Aditya Roy Kapoor's character is shown speeding the car in a drunk state at 2 am in the night. This is when he meets Arohi for the first time when he suddenly almost ramps into Arohi who is crossing the road or something and her bag of tomatoes fall down and he falls for him.
What the hell was Arohi i.e Shraddha Kapoor doing with a bag full of tomatoes at 2 in the night on an empty street? Who buys tomatoes at 2 in the night and where did she even buy them from at that insane hour?

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