Justice League Review - Wonderwoman shines, Flash entertains and Batman lets down


While they all are excellent on their own, the gang of super heroes went a little wobbly this time around. Justice League 2017 consisting of Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Cyborg entertains yet disappoints at many levels, so much so that I dozed off for a while just before the interval. Green Lantern is left out from this movie for some strange reason, may be he will be the one thing to look forward too if there's a Justice League 2.
Justice League Batman Superman Wonderwoman Cyborg Flash Hollywood movie review 2017
Justice League Review - The Superheroes Unite

Steppenwolf is a unsteady villain

To start with, Steppenwolf is tall, huge and mammoth villain all the super heroes have united to fight. All superhero movie fans know that the one thing that sets super heroes apart from humans is their super power and their control over human emotions. The trend recently has been trying to destroy this very fact, this has lead to belittling of their super powers and their charm as super human beings.

Apart from this, the story line makes the villain powerful and powerless at its whim and fancy. Steppenwolf is wild and evil but the whole alien evasion thing is so done to death that it ended up reminding about movies like Independence Day and the likes.

Superman's comeback doesn't excite

The highlight of the movie was Superman's comeback, but that ended up making Batman look powerless, what is the point of being a superhero if you yourself can't save the world. The whole scene where Batman decides to make Superman come back is so badly written that it makes Batman look  helpless. Wonderwoman on the other hand shines throughout the movie, be it her dialogues or her action, she steals the show every time.

Cyborg looks helpless in his own ways, though his character develops as the movie proceeds. While the CGI is patchy and rushed at some places, overall the CGI is pretty awesomely done. Flash can develop as an amazing character in the future movies and have a struggle of his own if developed in a right way.

Script wise the movie is loosely tied together, Aquaman is almost wasted and could have been introduced in a better way and could have had better depth of character. The invasion sequence is too vaguely written, it doesn't have the punch to scare the audiences that the world is actually coming to an end.

Overall Justice League is not a bad watch, go watch if you are fan of superhero flicks and love good visuals; there's nothing much apart from that.

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