Childhood Vs Adulthood : Round 1 - Knowledge


So we all have gone through the thoughts of how everything has changed when compared to our childhoods. Not only has the physical environment around us changed immensely but also our inner self has gone a lot of changes , but are all the inner changes the good ones ?

Round 1 of this so called war between Childhood and Adulthood (yes its a fictional one created by me but its only a reflection of what our minds go through millions of times). Why do we crave to have our childhood back?

When it comes to knowledge, adulthood has given us a lot of it; even when we didn't want any of it. Be it through school & college lectures or be it through weird life lessons, we have become knowledgeable over time. But is that a good thing? Apart from the text book knowledge, everything that we learn about human behaviour, doesn't it make us more judgemental and stop us from being ourselves ?

As infants we have little or no knowledge at all. We used to believe everything that everyone around did, because we had no knowledge we used to question how everything worked; curiosity was our best friend as kids. Observe kids around you and you will see they have a lot of questions, they have a curiosity to break things apart and see how they work. I wonder if we as adults have translated that habit into breaking down relationships to check and see how they work under certain situations only to find out that broken relationships can't be mended.

As kids we learnt new things, in school, at home and how much ever we hated it we had to learn. As adults we don't learn for our own good, adults learn to increase their earnings, so if an adult is seen learning something which cannot be translated into monetary gains, its often termed as "waste of time", isn't it amazing how we have limited our learnings & curiosity to only things which provide us monetary benefits & not learnings as a phenomenon in itself.

As kids everyone was okay with the fact that we didn't have knowledge about a thing or two, but as soon as we enter the crazy world of adulthood, not knowing something is looked upon as a crime & made a piece of mockery. Since when did not knowing something become embarrassing ? Isn't that the first thing you need in order to learn something new? So as far as knowledge is concerned I think even if we didn't posses much information we were much knowledgeable (unknowingly) in our childhoods compared to what we are now.

Adulthood 0, Childhood 1

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