The Girl Who Slept in the Class !


Life really comes full circle and how. Was cleaning my house a bit today and I came across an old photograph, a class photo from my school days. There I noticed this girl and I couldn’t control my smile. I have seen this girl many times post successfully retiring from school and believe me, every time I saw her I remembered an incident which made me chuckle a bit. Nothing out of the world, poor soul had slept during one of the lectures and the teacher had lost her cool. But to me it was startling to witness someone sleeping right in the middle of a lecture, that too in school because I for one was horrified to even blink my eyes in a lecture; well that proves how strict the teacher was. With saliva parading out from one side of her mouth, she proceeded to the washroom, washed her face and got back to the lecture; embarrassed & more uninterested. Back then I just didn’t understand how could someone freaking sleep in a lecture when someone’s speaking in a high pitch voice, now I totally get it.

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The sleepy days
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While I have had a laugh on this for forever, I also have to confess that I too slept during a lecture; the only difference being NOT in school and that I was never caught. 

I slept during one of my post graduation lectures & I still remember how good it felt ;) . In my defense it was more of a screening than a lecture where we were being shown Casablanca to get an insight into script writing but in spite of trying hard to concentrate on the damn thing I just fell asleep, some movies do that to me. That day I could feel what that poor soul my school must have felt like on being caught sleeping in class, I totally understood her boredom. Time makes you change your perspective, the audience always has a different perspective than the artist & they both understand each other’s perspective only when their places are swapped.

Different things bore us, to each his own just like everything else. The things someone else finds interesting might bore us and vice versa which proves that the things are all the same; we attach our interest or disinterest to them & make them into something else all together. 

Bye, sleepy now ; )

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