Shaktimaan , Baby Doll & Modi - The Great Indian Explanation of Ironman


Okay so the other day I caught up with an Aunty after a long long time and while we were talking about the world and the workload it keeps pushing on to us, there was Ironman beating up the bad guys on TV.

" What is this? I don't understand the kind of movies that are made today" exclaimed the grey haired epitome of innocence 

" Aunty that's Ironman, he has unstoppable power, he had his heart replaced by an reactor" I tried to simplify too much

"Oh, reactor? What is reactor?" Aunty asked trying to show interest in my madness. I on the other hand was surprised that I didn't know what in the hell a reactor exactly was, all I knew about it was it was an awesome looking circle which was illuminated & provided Ironman his life source. As a girl I think knowing & being interested in it is an achievement in itself.

Ironman - The Indian Explanation
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"It's like his power, just like we have main switches, Ironman has arc reactor; he will die if we remove his arc reactor. It's all science fiction aunty, isme kuch bhi ho sakta hai" I tried my best this time to sound intellectual.

"Oh means ye apne Shaktimaan jaisa hai jo kuch bhi kar leta tha and duniya ko pata nai tha ki Gangadhar ki Shaktimaan hai. Yeh Sci Fi hua na, Dinosaurs bhi hote haina and they have so much of action. Ironman mein bhi Dinosaurs hai kya? Does he fight Dinosaurs? In our times action meant Dharmendra, simpler times you see. Aajkal ki real life mein bhi complications itne badh gaye hai toh filmon mein bhi badhenge hi, simple cheezon ka zamana gaya" Aunty exclaimed with a tinge of sadness.

"Aur ye Ironman ki shaadi hogayi hai?" Aunty asked while forgetting the sadness she had just felt.

The song Ye duniya ye duniya pittal di, Baby Doll mein sone di started playing in my head in a loop.

" No no no Ironman mein Dinosaurs nahi hai, woh alag movies hai aunty sab Dinosaurs usme hote hai. And he isn't married, his sole aim is to safeguard his nation & this planet, usko pyaar ke liye waqt hi nahi hai aunty." I almost fainted thinking about Dinosaur & Ironman in one movie.

" Oh accha accha, waise bhi apne Salman ki bhi kahaan huyi hai, Salman bhi ban sakta hai means Ironman. Also Ironman is like our PM Modi, desh ka bhala karne ke liye unhone bhi toh kitne balidaan diye hai. I think we should call this Ironman here & make him our Military ka ambassador jaise Amitji the Gujarat ke...Aur Dinosaurs aur Ironman saath mein kyu nahi aate ek movie mein, Ironman darta hai dinosaurs se? "

Aunty was now sipping on the tea & Ironman was still fighting the villains in the movie, I was just thankful that it was Ironman the movie & not Avengers, imagine my plight in explaining Hulk.

"No aunty woh apni movies mein jaise Shahrukh Salman aur Amir teeno ek movie mein nahi aate waise hi Dinosaurs aur Ironman ek movie mein nahi aate.... And actually Bollywood movies are still simple, just the plots have moved to multimillionare characters, aam admi ki kahaani koi nahi banata like Hrishikesh Mukherjee used to make. Sci Fi is Hollywood's rozi roti, just like musicals & love stories are ours."

And while I was trying to explain & make sense out of all that I knew, the Captain America trailer started playing on TV; it was the next movie. Aunty looked at me, I looked at her and before I could say anything she said,
"Ye lo, Ironman ka bhai bhi agaya, Captain America; maine toh bola hi tha military ke liye perfect hai ye log"
The tea session ended with me realizing that you can't explain everything you like & that Sci Fi as a genre becomes a comedy once you try to explain it to someone.

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