Why Money Heist is the best Netflix show ever


La Casa de Papel or The Money Heist is by far the best show in Netflix's history. The Spanish language show is dubbed in English and will make you fall in love with all it's characters, most importantly with the Professor and that too instantly.

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As the name suggests, the show is about a Money Heist. The characters are talented individuals who know their crafts very well and have been practicising the same for years. But they aren't successful until Professor brings them all together in probably the biggest Money heist in the history of this planet.

For the first time ever in a series, you want them to successfully flee and take away the money. Season 1 sets up the tone and Season 2 makes you an addict. So much so that at times you end up thinking about executing a money heist yourself. The show has beyond amazing performances and the plot is so well written that you feel like hugging the scriptwriter.

It's really rare to see such brilliantly written shows coupled with such amazing performances as usually something or the other is missing. The Money Heist taps on all aspects, there is drama, there is romance, there is brotherhood, there is intelligence, there is money and a hell lot of it and last but not the least there is immense passion. The script never gives you a boring moment, there is no scene which could have been done away with and that is why La Casa De Papel or The Money Heist is the best show on Netflix.

22 episodes of sheer magic will leave you wanting for more and as news reports suggests there is soon going to be a Season 3 in 2019. The actor playing the Professor's part has given a brilliant performance and this goes to show how regional actors are at times way better than many Hollywood stalwarts. There are hostages, there are masks, there are guns and there is a lot of action. Don't miss this series, because if you miss it then you are robbing yourself of supreme levels of entertainment. Not revealing much about the characters and the actual plot as it might become a spoiler. 

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