Book Review : Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami


It is said to be the best intro novel to enter Murakami's world and I totally agree. Murakami builds an amazing and intriguing world of humans that will pull you in and keep you there even after you have put the book down.

Kafka on the Shore has a lot of madness, yet has a lot of silence which is where Murakami wins at his craft. With over 600 pages, this book will make you wanting more of Kafka Tamura and amusing Nakata. The best part about Murakami's style of writing is that he gives you every minute detail about the character in everything the characters do which makes you feel that the you are in the story and not just reading one.

The story revolves around a lot of things and Murakami's style of abruptly introducing a new plot, a new character and a new world with every chapter is where my heart skips beat. You literally have no clue what is going to happen next. The reading experience leaves you in a state of trance where you stay for a long time even after finishing the book. Few lines like "You are going to be the world's toughest 15 year old" stick to your mind.

Book Review : Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

The plot has two major characters, Kafka who is a runaway teenage boy and Nakata who is living with a defect thanks to the war he was in years ago but still has some amazing things hidden in him (won't reveal else it will kill your buzz). Kafka is lost on streets of Japan, searching for the meaning of life and at the same time scared by the curse he thinks he has. Then there are supporting characters like Kafka's friend, his sister and a crazy Colonel Sanders who is dressed in KFC's uniform and is behind Kafka.

Not to forget the talking cats, fish & leeches raining from the sky, stones which are powerful and a certain Johnny Walker who is beyond just dangerous. And among st all of this, is a lost teenager Kafka who is trying to make sense of all the happenings just like the reader is.

It is weird and at the same time a very interesting read.
I don't want to reveal much in this review, go ahead and grab this one, you will fall in love with Murakami's world.

P.S: I am currently reading Murakami's "After Dark" and am already halfway through, it is amazing as well.

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