Tuesdays with Morrie - A book that never left me!


Being a fiction lover, I have read a lot of books. But there are a few which have left their imprint on my mind, "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom tops the list of such books. It is a simple story loaded with minute details about life's moments which we often neglect while we are busy chasing the nonsensical ones.

The book stays with you for years after you have read it, mostly because it doesn't have a preachy tone yet shakes your thoughts & perspectives. The book is about a Professor Morrie sharing his life anecdotes while he is on his death bed. While the book itself is short (around 208 pages), you will not be able to complete this one in one go as the life lessons it gives away through everyday situations is beyond amazing.

This happens to be the only book that makes an appearance in my mind whenever I am low or when something is not quite right. Some lines from this book are so beautiful that I keep going back to the book every now and then by opening a random page.

While the story line may sound negative to some, Mitch Albom has superbly written it to highlight how a dying Professor feels good about the fact that he had an opportunity to thank everyone around. 

Definitely a good read if you want to read something which will change the way you think and not just provide you with a plot or an ending to look forward to because this one doesn't have either and yet it is the a mesmerizing read.

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