23 July 2014

She ran with all her strength, her heart pumping faster than ever. She was one amongst many who were now slave to his antics, he gave them food and in return asked for nothing less but their lives. Even his footsteps gave her nightmares. She had seen with her very own eyes , the end of many of her counterparts who were brought here by him in a similar fashion like her.
                 But today was different , she had successfully escaped his area of control. But to her dismay he still was searching her. She now realised that running probably wasn't the best idea , but hiding definitely was. But hiding requires a hideout and she knew none, so she frantically ran into a house with an open frontdoor. There was no one in sight, she was tired now and her eyes started searching for a place to hide herself somewhere in the house, if just in case he finds her here. 
                 Life is strange indeed, because while she was busy looking for a perfect hiding option inside this house, she realised it was filled with bags of food materials which only assured and relieved her that at least she will not starve to death during her hideout.
                 While she sat in a corner , she heard noises of a lady and a man talking, it was him. She recognised his voice and she also knew that it was now impossible to run away. She sat there with fear infused in her eyes and every muscle of her body. She hid herself behind a cupboard and just wished that he would not find him and she would not end up where all her counterparts did.
She peeped a little from the side of the cupboard and could see him walking towards the room with a shiny object in his hands. The sun outside made the shine so bright that it almost blinded her. He entered the room and shouted as if to make a final announcement- 

" Where the hell are you hiding? I know you are here, you think you can outsmart me? This is the third time that you have wasted my time and energy and this time I am not going to forgive you"
She started getting restless and started feeling suffocated... She knew it was only matter of a few minutes before he found her and her life would find an end this time.

                  And like fate would have it , he spotted her hiding behind the cupboard. He looked at her with anger and her eyes were asking for mercy. She could not speak a word, she just screamed as loudly as she could but no one heard her plea.
He went close to her and dragged her along with him to an adjacent room where here counterparts were still waiting to find an escape route. She tried escaping even now, but he was just too strong for her. She started banging her legs but it had no effect on him , she still screamed , she still tried to escape, probably for the last time.
                   With one heavy stroke of the shiny knife he cut her throat and the shine of the knife was left covered with blood all over. She bleed to death while others in the room watched him cut her into pieces.

The room had a board outside it which said 
" Tasty Chicken Shop - Open from 10am to 9 pm" 


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20 July 2014

Amongst the crowd he noticed her beaming smile, he could spot it even from a distance. Her smile was so ecstatic that it could mesmerize even the loneliest of the souls, it was pure magic. Her lips pressed against each other were creating an illusionary mystery of kinds. 
                                  It was his first visit to Paris, though it was a professional commitment which brought him to the city of romance; Siddharth sneaked out little time to immerse into the beauty of the city. It was past 5 in the evening and he had just finished his business meeting and while guiding himself through Paris, he found himself in front of the most beautiful eyes and smile he had even seen.
                                 He looked at her from a distance and moved towards her briskly, he made sure he did not stare at her right away but he couldn't help it. To his amusement, she was looking at him with mysterious eyes and a mellow smile. With a host of Italians around him, he tried looking away because he did not want to get into any kind of trouble in a foreign city.
  He looked away from her, only to realize that she was smiling at him. His heart skipped a beat; he moved around and changed his location. He again sneaked a look at her and she appeared more mystical and still smiling, now it seemed like she was kind of making a mockery of his situation; his helplessness to do anything else but just stare at her beauty. He now tried to ignore her, but that only made him miss her smile more. Siddharth found himself standing there staring at her beauty with admiration and respect.
                              Siddharth wasn't a romantic in reality, but this trip; especially this encounter had made him a hopeless romantic, because every time he looked at her, her expressions seemed to portray a different story altogether. At times she appeared relaxed and smiling, while at times she appeared mysterious.
It was past 7 in the evening and he did not realize it was 2 hours since he first saw her, it was time to reach his hotel for dinner which was more than an hour away. He got himself into a cab and reached his hotel. After eating a surreal Italian meal, he decided that the day after he will again try and visit her; the lady with a million dollar smile. So the next morning after completing his work formalities, he again found her when he visited the same street or to say she found him; again staring at her. He could not believe how someone could be so beautiful, with spotless skin and that enchanting smile; she sat there like an angel waiting to bless someone.
It was again hours and he just could not understand what it was about her exactly which was pulling him towards her, again and again. The next day Siddharth had to leave for India, before that he wanted all his friends across the world know whom he had met and fallen in love with. So he logged on to his Facebook account and updated his status –
“In love with Mona Lisa and her smile.... “

Some masterpieces make you fall in love and Mona Lisa is one of such mystical creations.

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14 July 2014

She stopped and looked behind with an expression of fear on her face, and she could not see them coming. She continued running , and this time took a left turn towards a narrow lane to beat their speed. Kolkata is famous for its narrow secretive lanes , and today Vrinda's secret was out in open while she had chosen to run with all her life into her legs.
                      It was a dark night and Vrinda was running into narrow lanes of Chowringhee road while the crowd chose to become a mere audience. She again stopped to catch a breath, her lungs were about to explode, but she also knew that if she did not run today she will get caged forever.
                     As she stopped, she noticed a lodge at the end of the street, a perfect place to hide she thought to herself. The problem with life is what we think is seldom the reality.
                     She entered the old building, it was a lodge named "Lolita" , while in normal circumstances Vrinda would have never ever checked into such a place , now she was standing at the shady reception begging for a room to spend the night. The receptionist was a old man with soda glasses on , all he could see was a sweating Vrinda and and like him everyone around kept staring at her suspiciously.

After a lot of begging and pleading she finally got a room to stay the night in , while she was relieved ; she was also worried about them finding her out before the sun rises. The lodge room was something a decent person never pays for when he has options, but someone like Vrinda who has no other option choose it as it provides a roof and four walls to hide out from the evil outside , at least temporarily.
                      She sat on the old bed which had unclean sheets on , and it was a total contrast to her ultra new attire which she was in. It was around 12am now and she was getting hungry but she chose not to open the room door for anyone. Her room was loaded with old furniture and a stinking bathroom, Vrinda didn't even have clothes to change into ; she made a note to herself to buy new clothes the other morning.
                     Vrinda was still scared, she looked at her wristwatch and realised it was 15 minutes past 2 am now, may be too late for them to follow her anymore. She did not even have her mobile phone with her to call someone close and inform , though actually she did not trust anyone in revealing her location at the moment. The window to the room faced a busy street , which at this time of the night was scarily quite. While she stood there thinking and re-thinking over the things that shook her life in the past few hours , she also started analysing if her running and hiding was sane. She was a strong girl after all , an 26 year old MBA in finance with a well paid corporate job, a loving family and a future to look forward to.
                        She could not sleep that night, It was as if restlessness was spread all over the room. The sun rose and lost in her own thoughts , Vrinda fell asleep on what was probably the oldest bed in kolkata.
                        The sun rose to its full beauty, the birds chirping outside was making the entire setup heavenly, when someone knocked the room door and it woke Vrinda up. Vrinda woke up jolted and scared, because she thought may be they found her. She moved closely towards the door which was being heavily knocked at and asked " Who's there ?" and the heavy voice on the other end replied
"Madam I am Ramu , the cleaner , I need to clean the room"
                         She had a sigh of relief and opened the door at one not realising that the world is full of smart and smarter people. To her astonishment they had found her , she was shocked that she could not run away even this time around.
                         Vrinda's family had found her, her cousin brothers and uncles running behind her the other night had found her and this made Vrinda more restless than anything.
                          It all started 2 years back when Vrinda's family decided that it was time for their daughter to tie the knot and settle down, while Vrinda had a weird fascination with love marriages; she was in no world ready to settle for an arranged marriage. This was the third time in a span of over 3 years that Vrinda has run away from her own wedding post her last minute realisation of how she should wait a little longer for the cupid to play his cards.

Vrinda's ideal partner might be waiting to fall in love with her even as her husband , but she wanted love to prosper in a different set up....

While running and chasing love, we somehow forget that love is a journey and it does not need a definite set up to exist. Its our own chase for love that makes it more unattainable and discreet. Either you get married and fall in love or fall in love and get married, doesn't matter; as long as you are in love for the rest of your lives.


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5 July 2014

                            As a kid Asif really loved to play football. He used to juggle it with his hands and try to do all kinds of tricks with it. His Mom Noor was not a big fan of football and wanted her son to study and focus on becoming something in his life.
                           Asif was clever but was mostly quiet and kept to himself. While his father had deserted them when he was just 3 years old , he did not have any memory of his father imprinted on his mind. All he remembered was his face , and which Asif wanted to forget someday. Asif's forgetfulness was not surprising to anyone anymore , it had become a habit. Inspite of his forgetfullness his mother  was someone whom he could never forget.
He was mostly immobile and tied to his books. The two loves of his life were simple yet demanding - Reading & Football. His inability to move around did not affect his passiom for the game, infact at times he took it as a challenge.He made sure he did not sleep before watching all the football matches and knowing about who got the yellow card and who did not. Kolkata is anyways known for its love for the game of football and Asif was a perfect example of a true football lover. Asif' eyes sparkled even with the mention of the game, and his silence used to find words and comfort in the game.
   He loved to spend most of his evenings standing in his gallery and onlooking the football enthusiasts practicing in the alongside playground. With a cup of tea and a notebook , he was set for most of the evenings. His brother on the other hand was a Cricket fan, just a fan not a lover.
                       On a busy monday morning after watching a football match earlier night , Asif woke up and decided he would not stay tied up to his books anymore. He tried standing up on his feet , while tightly grabbing a football in his hand which was kept on a table alongside his bed. He just couldn't stand up, his knees felt weak and his heart started racing faster. In an attempt to do the impossible , Asif started gasping for breathes and fell down on the floor.
                        Hours later , a maid entered the room and found Asif lying lifeless on the floor. He had suffered an heart attack , while his hands still holding the football tightly.
The neighbours could only mourn on his demise, while some appreciating his love for the game exclaimed -
" To be passionate about something at his age was commendable..... After all at 75 years of age people give up on living , and he gave his life to the game.... "

Fact is kids and super seniors are no different; they are passionate,they are loving and innocent in their own ways, you just need to acknowledge the fact. 

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29 June 2014

She had been warned, but it was too late now. She remembered every word they had told her about it, they had warned her that it might hurt her; after all not all sane looking men are sane and not all who look insane are insane in reality.
                Subodh was a doting husband and loved his wife to the moon and back, and at times this very love became a battle ground of sorts. Subodh and Anita had a love marriage 2 years ago and since then they had quite a normal life apart from occasional spills of insanity.
                It was a beautiful rainy Sunday morning with absence of Subodh’s Sunday routine. Today he did not wake up late, he did not ask for his morning coffee. Instead today it was 11 am and still he was asleep, lying in his bed as an innocent soul. The sound of raindrops falling on their bedroom window woke Anita up. She moved briskly away from the bed, and proceeded into the kitchen to make the morning coffee.
               “Lag ja gale ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho...” while the aroma of fresh coffee filled the space. Anita took her cup of coffee and slowly walked towards the bedroom again, and sat on the bed where Subodh was sleeping. She switched on the TV and tears rolled down her eyes; she couldn't believe all the ordeal Subodh had made her go through. Every morning she dreaded the moment he woke up. Every day she would be tensed on how and what she will do wrong to anger Subodh and the quarrel would begin.  
She entered the kitchen and switched on her kitchen companion, the radio which played the song
He was as innocent as a newborn baby while he was asleep; Anita’s tears had no stopping. She went near him and kissed his forehead and held his hand while he did not move an inch. She checked her mobile and it has no new messages or calls, she dialed a number and after exactly one minute she cut the call and started crying again.
                                Her face had no emotion, after an hour her doorbell rang and she moved with heavy feet towards the main door to open it. She opened the door and an army of 4 men marched into the house and asked her “Where is he?” she pointed at the bedroom.
“Mrs. Anita Mathur , is this your husband Mr. Subodh Mathur “ the man in uniform asked Anita
She cried and nodded a yes
The man in the uniform was a police inspector and Anita had herself called him up an hour ago .
“Mrs Anita, do you still confess you killed your own husband?”
Anita nodded again while a curious hawaldaar picked up a bloody knife lying embedded in Subodh’s stomach.

“Yes I killed my husband, because he killed me every day. I could not stand the fights anymore and I could not leave him because I loved him. I had planned on killing myself after I killed him but I just could not, so I had to confess. And i do not regret killing him, because if I didn't he would have sooner or later.”

You never know what changes people and when. Sometimes the ones you think will never raise a voice will raise a knife instead.

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