Imperfection is a curse? How Different are perfect and imperfect people?

Imperfection is a disease, a handicap that a few are born with, a curse that has no reversal. Imperfect people always remain imperfecr no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try to achieve perfection and become a part of the perfect people's club.

There is no place for imperfection on this planet, imperfect people are accepted only by other imperfect ones. The perfect ones try to help them at times and change them,  to make them one of them. But it seldom works. The world hates imperfection, though it says it celebrates it, it actually hates and pushes imperfection under the carpet, like it is litter of this world. Perfect score in exams, perfect complexion, perfect relationships, perfect habits, perfect responses, perfect jobs, perfect food, perfect style and perfect hair; everyone wants everything perfect, right? That's all we are taught to chase, perfection. Funny how even perfect people keep chasing perfection.

To top it all, perfect people are always perfect, they know everything about everything while imperfect ones are always searching for answers. Perfect people have a plan, a system that they operate on to produce perfect results; imperfect ones on the other hand are always lost and confused about their next move.
Imperfection is a curse? How Different are perfect and imperfect people?

So what happens to the imperfect people? Where do they go? And why are they made like this, why are they imperfect to begin with? Wasn't this universe supposed to make them perfect as well, just like others? Doesn't this make the powers of the universe itself imperfect?

Imperfect people have to live with their imperfections, with the reality that no matter how hard they hard, the perfect ones will always find a fault in them, the perfect ones will always point on their mistakes, the perfect ones will always be the superior ones. There will always be some flaw or other that will remain in an imperfect person, perfect ones have perfect attention and eyes to find those very flaws.

All that the imperfect ones can really do is scream through their art, and their creations. Only art really accepts imperfections. Art allows you to be you, art doesn't care of you are perfect or not, though society has a large judges art as well but art itself is liberating. Art doesn't come with guidelines, art doesn't show you your flaws and ways to correct them, art lets you be.

Some day the world will celebrate imperfection and imperfect souls, som day the world will see that even they are humans.

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