Carry Minati's Youtube Vs Tiktok Roast video taken down by YouTube?

The last few days have been crazy for all YouTube, Tiktok, and Carry Minati fans. The battle between the two portals went quite out of hand and went instantly viral when Carry Minati posted a roast video on the war between the creators on the portals.

YouTube yesterday night removed Carry Minati's viral video and his fans have started calling the action unjust. The said video resulted in over 13 Million views in a week and also doubled his subscriber count. Since the news of his video removal arrived, all social media users who had loved his video have started trending #JusticeforCarry and #CarryMinati.
Carry Minati's Youtube Vs Tiktok Roast video taken down by YouTube?

YouTube removed the video based on its 2019 harassment policy and stated that no kind of bullying and harassment will be tolerated. The video has been apparently taken down as it was a direct and personal attack on the TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui who then posted a video calling the video a bullying one and started trending the hashtag #Amiragainstbullying.

It is worth noting that while Carry Minati is known to make roast videos of all kinds, this was the first time he made a roast video on a single person and was directly commenting on an individual.

After the video has been taken down, many of his followers have started uninstalling TikTok and started reporting the app itself.

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