Short Story - The Funeral


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Before you start reading this, I want you to know three important things.

1. I did not kill him
2. I was drunk but I was conscious
3. My husband doesn't know about my affair

These points will make you judge me, you must be thinking what a bitch she is to have committed the sin of infedility. But I don't blame you, because you probably don't understand what love really is and that sometimes we don't get to marry the ones we love. And today I have lost the one who truely loved me, no it isn't my husband who died.

What am I doing at my boyfriend's funeral you may ask? Well, that's the least I could do, he was a good guy after all and my visit takes the spotlight away from me. If I run now, the authorities who are searching for the murderer will notice my absence and I don't want that. Sometimes it's better to be a part of the crowd than trying to run away from it. And I am, sorry was, not just his girlfriend but also his personal secretary so of all the people present here, my absence would never have gone unnoticed.

I haven't murdered him offcourse but I was there when he died so technically if anyone questioned me about the happenings, they would end up thinking it was me who killed him. Because I was the last one who met him in flesh and blood. I will never forget it, we made love in his office cabin and then we fought about a client like we were strangers. Nick was like that, obnoxious and bipolar. One moment he could be happy and all over me and the other moment he would walk out on me like I was the worst person on this planet.

To be very frank, somewhere deep down inside I do feel the remorse for not being the killer. I had grown out of him over the last few months, his temperament was getting into my head. He was my boyfriend who had started behaving like a husband and I already had one back home. And what's the point in breaking the sacredness of a five year old marriage for something that is not satisfying or peaceful? It's also true that I could never gather the courage to break up with him, I was scared he would go crazy and hit me. And I would not be able to hide it from my husband, I am bad at hiding breakdowns. Anyways all of these thoughts have no point now, no one around me cares about how I feel and the one who did a bit is dead now. Nick does look a lot peaceful in the coffin, but then who doesn't? I can't look at him, the one person who loved me beyond reasoning, now lays here like a piece of rock. I don't know what my life will be without him.

(A slim lady dressed in black enters the room and everyone takes notice of her)

Oh look at her, Ayesha Jackson, Nick Jackson's wife, here she comes with her ever so hostile pet cat and the room has filled with whispers. I hate this woman, she is beyond mean. Atrocious and as hysterical as her husband, no wonder Nick got fed up with her. Even now her face has a very mean expression, no one expected her style to be on point that too even today. It is already 10 past 8 in the night, what are they waiting for? Her husband is dead but does she care? No, not at all. She has a huge Cosmetics empire in her name and Nick was just another makeup product for her, something she would flaunt at parties and feel proud about. Like a Lion grabbing a dear in his teeth, pride used to drip from her face like blood. But I knew what exactly went behind the closed doors, Nick had told me everything. She had no interest in having sex with him or having any kind of physical proximity with him, him to be specific. There's was an arranged marriage, neither Nick nor Ayesha had any choice, Ayesha who was now the Queen of "Aye Cosmetics" was once a helpless girl who couldn't revolt against her father's voice. Rumors had it that she was dating a married man.

While I wait here watching Ayesha shed crocodile tears with her eyebrows still raised and her poise still maintained behind her black veil, I just couldn't stop myself from thinking about yesterday night. I correctly remember the entire night, every detail of it, we made love in his cabin even though I had a blasting headache thanks to my elevated Migraine, to top it off Rocky called me just when I was putting my red dress on, I lied to Rocky as usual and then chatted with Nick for an hour before getting back to work. We spoke about many things, Ayesha, Rocky my husband, and the possibility of us leaving our partners for better. But we knew we were not compatible as man and wife, we were compatible as lovers and not life partners. I know what I want from life and our choices don't match except for the fact that he chose to love me and vice versa. But yesterday night he was a different person, he wanted me to be his wife. Just before we were about to leave office, I remember Nick hugging me and then a loud noise burst out from somewhere and my head exploded with pain. The next thing I know is waking up the next morning at my home, I have no clue how that happened. I have absolutely no idea what that sudden sound was and how Nick ended up being dead. I still can't believe it but I need to share my condolences with Ayesha and leave, this place is making me feel sick.

"Hi Ayesha, I am really sorry for your loss. But how did this happen?". There is no reply from Ayesha, in fact she is behaving as if I am invisible to her. She always hated me, but I never knew she could be full of hatred at her own husband's funeral. I should leave, she probably has got enough condolenses from people she likes.Walking towards the door, I see a familiar face walk in. It was Rocky, but what is he doing here? I thought to myself. He did not look at me, instead he walked hurriedly towards Ayesha and consoled her. Rocky consoling Ayesha, this scene is something I had never imagined I would witness. He then hugged her and wiped her tears. Everyone around is oblivious to the fact that a married man was now consoling the newest and youngest window of their family, are these people crazy? My head has started paining again, this is the same blasting headache I had experienced last night. I need to sit down for a moment, all of this is too much to handle. Everything is getting darker, it's like someone is reducing the brightness of the room and now I can barely see anyone. It's pitch dark and suddenly everything around has gone silent, did someone switch off the lights? These people are crazy, there is a dead body in this room for god's sake, someone please switch on the light. I am feeling restless, I can't exist in this darkness, I need to get up and walk out or else I will puke. Outside there is nothing but what looks like pitch dark walls, what is happening? Can anyone please explain? There it is, a ray of light finally. I wish I had my phone with me but I don't know where I lost it.

This room looks interesting, what is it? Never knew Ayesha had such big house, Nick used to call me home but I never visited him here. It's a beautiful bedroom with a white king size bed and a huge TV screen in front of it, just like the bedroom of my dreams. The door behind me has shut by itself, I don't care because this looks like a good place to crash and catch some sleep.

A few hours later...

Everything is a blur, looks like I have slept for a long time. Is the funeral over?
Why am I in a church? Is there a wedding going on now? Because everyone around is dressed lavishly and I can see groomsmen standing at the alter. Where is Nick's funeral? I was at his funeral and I crashed on a bed in one of the rooms in his house. I was sleeping here on this chair the entire time? What the hell is going on? Oh, the groom just walked in, wait, what? It's Rocky, he is getting married? How dare he? I am his wife and I am sitting here, I need to stop him. Walking towards him, I am feeling a deep regret in my heart and I don't know the reason behind this feeling.

"Rocky? What are you doing? You are getting married while I am still around? He did not respond and what made me even more angrier was watching Ayesha walk down the aisle as his bride to be. Are these people crazy? Nick just died and Ayesha is getting married to my husband? What kind of people are these? And to add to my dismay, the headache has come back, this day couldn't get any stranger.

A few hours later....

Nurses were running berserk in the hospital lobby, the patient in Room no. 10 was having a seizure again. The poor old lady was having a seizure almost every night for years now. She was famous businessman Nick Jackson's alleged girlfriend and was admitted to the hospital a month after the man's death. A terrible accident had paralyzed her head to toe and her head was damaged badly, death would have been a better punishment than this was. Not many thought she could feel anything, not many knew the hell she was going through in her head every night. Rocky had divorced and had gotten married to Nick's widow Ayesha.  And in strange turn of events, Nick's trust was taking care of her struggle to survive as he had nominated her in the same.

Everyone in the hospital used to pray for either her speedy recovery or a quick death because anything in between these two is usually very very painful.

Nick did not die naturally, he was killed by poison ... And yes the last point that you read when you began reading this story was untrue...

Life punishes us all, the degree varies on it's mood and our antics.
To watch our nightmares & fears play in loop in our heads is one of our greatest punishments, greater than death itself...

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