Short Poem: Forgive, my love!


Roaming in a garden of thoughts,
My mind was restless and my were feet sore,
Angry with my own self I sat down,
There was laughter but no one around,
For my failures, I wept like a child,
I felt like killing myself and thought it was wise,
But the garden started speaking to me and how,
It showed me a mirror and told me to bow,
Bow to my own self for the hardships I have been through,
Bow to my attempts to win it all around,
I bowed down to myself and felt thankful enough,
Realising there is still hope and fire within me I rose,
I am never beating down myself again even in my lows,
Forgive my love, exclaimed the garden of thoughts,
I forgave myself and left with a hopeful heart

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