Pyjamas are Forgiving Review : Funny, loaded with metaphors and relationship gyaan


I am a huge Twinkle Khanna fan when it comes to her writing style. I like the way she normalises everything and creates a connection between the most mundane things in our daily routine and life lessons. The cover says it all in this one, an inverted women showcasing inner turmoil and confusion, a bottle of ghee and herbs flying around had me interested from the time the book was launched.

Pyjamas are Forgiving Review : Funny and loaded with metaphors and relationship gyaan

When I started reading Pyjamas are Forgiving, I knew it was going to lend me a few chuckles. And quite frankly some of the paragraphs had to be reread just for the sheer beauty of writing.

The story is about Anshu who is at Kerala's Shanthamaaya which is an Ayurvedic Spa. And I am pretty sure I am never going to visit one anytime soon as I don't have the patience and the will power to go through so much of ghee and circular walking. Every page is a new chuckle, every chapter a new relationship insight.

I don't want to reveal much but it is a smooth read, you will not realise when you have finished the book. Though I would have wanted a slightly different ending, I would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves to read.

Everything at Shanthamaaya was going amazing until Anshu's Ex husband Jay turns up there with his wife no.2 Shalini. Post this it is a circus of emotions and as Twinkle Khanna might say, it is all that happens when you leave your plate of emotional vulnerabilities out in open for too long.

Waiting for her next book, until then I will keep reading her tweets and columns in DNA ;) 

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