5 facts about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose that every Indian must know


Today on his birth anniversary, it is more important to know about a man who dedicated his life to Indian freedom. So let's quickly have a look at five amazing facts about Netaji which we bet you didn't knew existed.

1. Netaji went against the Governer General

Showcase of Netaji's bravery

There was a custome of carrying one's umbrella while meeting the Governer General. Netaji once decided to disregard this custom. The Governer General naturally asked him about his behaviour to which Netaji pulled the umbrella around the General's neck and asked him to mind his business.  

2. Escape to Germany

The most talked about escape ever

In 1941, Netaji was under an house arrest and he pulled off a daring escape from this house arrest in which he went from Kolkata to Gomo by car and then to Peshawar by train. Then he went to Kabul and from Kabul we went to Germany. Why Germany? Well he went to seek help from Adolf Hitler for India's freedom. 

3. Newspaper Editor 

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was Editor of the newspaper "Forward"

Netaji had founded the "All India Forward Bloc". His brothers Sarat Chandra Bose and Chitta Basuwere also members of the bloc. He edited "Forward" and later started his own newspaper named "Swaraj".

4. ICS Exam - 4th Rank

England's ICS Exam was passed with flying colours by Netaji 

Netaji completed his graduation and went to England to appear for ICS exam as he had promised his father he will pass this reputed exam. Not only did he pass but he was ranked 4th in the merit list. 

5. Siagon Airport

Netaji's last photo

Netaji's last photo where he is seen alive was the one taken at Saigon Airport in 1945, August 17th. Just five days later, the Japanese News broke the news of his death. No one knows how he died and no dead body was found.

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