3 Psychological thrillers that will blow your mind


There are a lot of good movies out there, but there are a very few ones that can pull out your mind and churn your brains. This is a list of top 5 movies which will not only shatter your judgements but will also leave you speechless with their climax.

1. Shutter Island

This one is a personal favourite for sure. It will take you in the minute you start watching it and the end will leave you perplexed. This one is highly recommended if you still haven't seen it. I have seen it a million times and everytime I am floored not only by the brilliant plot but also by amazing performances.

Watch the trailer now & decide for yourself

2. American Psycho

This list will be incomplete without mentioning American Psycho. Though Christian Bale is known for his performance as Bruce Wayne "Batman" but this is career best performance till date. The movie is crazy and the ain character couldn't have been more eccentric yet attractive to watch. 

3. Prestige

If there is someone who knows to twist your mind then it has to be Christopher Nolan.This is a gem from the ace director and the movie will leave you with a lot of thoughts.

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