Scion Of Ikshvaku Ram Book review : Discovering Ram like never before


I am not a avid reader of Mythological books, but when I came across Amish Tripathi's Scion of Ishvaku, something pulled me towards it and I just wanted to read it. And within a few pages I knew I had not made a mistake in taking it up.

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Scion Of Ishvaku is Amish's modern take on the Indian mythological legend Ram and the kingdom of Ayodhya. The story is as expected set in Sapt Sindhu which was India's richest kingdom and describes the journey of Raghuvanshis oof Ishvaku. Amazingly the book doesn't define the women in that era as powerless followers but as someone who actually controlled the way history unfolded. They have almost equal of mental and physical strength as the men and the men carry immense respect for the women of the kingdom.

The scene where Sita is intrduced in the book is worth re-reading. Amazingly written and depicts a lot about her character in few impactful lines. The scene also reminded me of Baahubali's scene where he see's the actress for the first time. Ram as expected is a moral spearheader and follows all laws to the core, but this book goes beyond this and explains the reason behind it. There are a few lines which will take your breath way, it's almost like Ram himself is standing in front of you and speaking those lines. At times you feel proud of him, adore him and respect him as a person he was.

One of the most crucial and differentiating aspect of this book is that Raavan is not described as an out and out villian. We all know about the famous scene where Raavan abducts Sita while Ram and Laxman have gone out for hunting, but did we know Raavan was a financial manager of all Indian kingdoms? We had no idea about the technological genuises he had in his own kingdom, his Pushpak vaahan was an example of it. There is so much to his character in the book that you can't help but keep reading it back to back.

Amish is famous for his Shiva triology, personally I feel this book is very under rated and clearly deserves 5 out of 5 stars and is a must read for all bookworms. I am waiting to read Sita and hoping Amish comes out with a book on Raavan too.

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