Bollywood's Most Iconic Characters - Chachi from Chachi 420

Chachi 420 is one of my personal favourite. I have seen this movie more than 20 times and still enjoy it. The character of Chachi is the focal character and is one of the best cross dressed character of Bollywood. It is not a caricature, it doesn't mock the fact that a man is dressed up as a guy; it is purely a situational comedy.

Based on Hollywood classic Mrs. Doubtfire, Chachi 420 is about Jai who is fighting to get his wife and daughter back from a father in law who hates him. A classic plot, but what took this simple plot to heights of awesomeness is perfect performance by the legend named Kamal Hassan.

Jai becomes Laxmi and the a hilarious ride begins. We as an audience know that Laxmi is a man dressed as a woman, but no one in the movie acts like they know this fact. Laxmi takes care of the house like a woman is supposed to, she is hard working and she speaks with grace. When Haribhai, the local Baniya starts following her with his Romeo antics, she takes it like a lady and uses her own ways rather than punching his face like a man would have done.

The most epic scene in the movie is where Chachi saves Janki from goons at a local market. Even here Kamal Hassan delivers an amazing performance by fighting gracefully like a woman and at the same time giving out a hint of his strength in a few moves.

Another great triat of the character was it never did anything to be funny. Chachi was just like any other old woman you would encounter, a strong one though. The dialogues were to the point. The scene where Chachi is waiting for her interview to be the governess and a lady sitting alongside keeps a hand on her lap while speaking is flawless. Chachi immidiately reacts to it as it is not norml for a man to be touched on his thighs, that too by a woman. The lady stares at her when Chachi reacts abnormally and Chachi saves herself by saying "Abhi abhi wax kia haina". 

Chachi is iconic and will always remain so thanks to the amazing performance and write up.

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