Most Iconic Characters of Bollywood - Bos Biswas from the movie Kahaani

Okay so to start with, Bollywood movie Kahaani is not a movie, it's a spectacle. It gave a new perspective to thrillers in Bollywood and at the same time also helped the woman centric movies to find an intelligent audience. Kahaani's Bob Biswas became such an iconic character overnight that there were Facebook pages named after him and they are still running pretty strongly.

But what made Bob Biswas's character so famous? What made it click? Let's see...

What comes to our minds when someone says "Hitman" is a macho guy chewing match stick under his front teeth, well built, having tattoos and a gun; especially when it's from a Bollywood movie. Bob Biswas was completely opposite of this. He was a common man, old with a paunch, and to add to the irony he was an Insurance agent. There you have the reason why Bob Biswas shocked everyone and made everyone love him. He was a part time hitman and a part time insurance agent. Saswata Chatterjee essayed the role to perfection.

Vidya Balan essayed the main lead of the movie but no one can forget the scene where Bob Biswas pushes her in front of a moving train. That scene became the talking point of the trailer and eventually created buzz for the movie. Bob Biwas has no family and probably no friends, he is a loner so becoming a part time hitman must have been an easy task. Also because of his personality, no one doubts on him during investigations. One day he fails to run away from cops thanks to his unhealthy physic and gets crushed under a vehicle and dies.

Bob Biswas normalises killing. His character commits murders in the most natural and common settings and in the most sleak manner. There's no loud dramatics involved in the killing, neither is there any action. He just goes and says "Nomoshkaar", pulls out a gun and fires. Where else had you seen such a killer? Well, nowhere and that is why Bob Biswas clicked and became an iconic character.

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