Salman Khan, The Black Buck , The Bail and The Human Prejudice


Before we start reading this, please note these 3 points
1. I am not a Salman Khan fan
2. I am not a Salman Khan hater
3. I am not an animal rights activist or a religious fundamentalist

Okay, so now that you have understood the above three things, I will now like to point out what I like about the black buck case & what I don't like
1. I like the fact that the law treats everyone equally and the god-men and celebrities are not excused due to their standing in the society
2. I like how every legal formality is being followed  (that is my assumption from the news coverage)
3. I like the way Salman Khan has always stuck to his statement that he never killed anything. So there is no jumping between statements and ambiguity at his end at least.

Now the dislikes,
1. I don't like the news channels dramatizing the entire case 24*7 for pushing on the TRPs. We get it, Salman is under trial, we don't need to see his weeping cartoon standing in a courtroom for that. Either stop doing this nonsense or get better CGI  which is at least entertaining to watch. The insensitive telecast of Sridevi's death mystery through graphics of bath tub and what not was a low for Indian media, hoping this case doesn't result in a newer low.

2. I dislike the common man and other celebrities becoming a judge just by watching the news reports which are probably doctored for TRPs or not, but who are we to certify what happened? WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, SO WE SHOULD NOT BECOME A JUDGE.

3. Everyone's busy blaming the laws and the use of power and stardom and the fact that he was given a quick bail just because he is a star. Well there's another perspective to it too, how come his stardom couldn't end the case which has been running for the last 20 years?  Why would anyone want a legal sword on his head for so long? Influences work and there is no argument on that but not up to the extent the media & the common man is emphasizing it to be. Salman Khan was in a prison for 2 nights, that itself is a proof of how far we have come with regards to taking our laws seriously. Not the best but yes it is a start.

4. The argument that he should be set free because of the charities he has undertaken. I don't even feel the need to explain this, it's more bizarre of a logic than a fish climbing a tree. By this people are only putting his good work in a bad light.

Though he has now bailed out of the whole scene, I wonder if this case will run through his life span. It has been going on since the last 20 years and might run another 20 years since he can appeal to the higher courts. We don't now if he really killed a black buck or not (Yes we ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW).

Now all we can do is wait for another media frenzy around the case in the month of May when the next hearing is to happen.

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