Padmaavat Review - Why I liked the film & Will I dare to watch it again ?


Certain important disclaimers before you proceed 

Point 1 - It's a personal review. Just like food, movies are very subjective. What fits my taste might end up giving you diarrhea.

Point 2 - I have hated a few scenes from the movie which someone might have surely loved, no offense to anyone; we can all exist in peace & harmony and have our own opinions.

Point 3 - I am not a Khilji supporter, I support great performances.

 . To start with, the credits at the start were really a nice gesture to ensure that the audiences know who worked their asses off on what but it was really boring to sit and read all that along with long disclaimers for over 5-8 minutes. Note that the movie starts with Khilji's clan and his story, and that's the only charming pat about the movie, Ranveer Singh's performance.
So this review is a bit late, why ? Because it took time for me to watch the movie and review it, the safety was a huge concern in the first week of "Padmaavat's" release

He takes over all his scenes effortlessly; be it the one where he is holding his blood soaked head on a spear or the scene where he dances in his own style just before his wedding or the scene where he wears the Sultan E Taj for the first time. All of them are marvelous.

 While having a powerful villain is the best way to elevate the Hero's presence, for example movies like The Dark Knight Triology or our Agneepath are the bet examples; having a powerless Hero lets one down. Allaudin Khilji essayed by Ranveer Singh is larger than life; bad, vindictive, unapologetic and a bit crazy. Maharana Rawal Ratan Singh played by Shahid Kapoor on the other hand is seen doing nothing much apart from walking hurriedly from one fort wall to another when Khilji attacks and being mesmerized by his wife's pure beauty.

Ranveer Singh stole the show completely  

Ranveer's portrayal of Khilji is the only saving grace of the movie, but given a chance I will watch this movie once again only for Ranveer's scenes and the songs. The songs are visual paintings, every sequence is the most beautiful portrait the silver screen can showcase and for that Sanjay Leela Bhansali needs a pat on the back, he hasn't lost touch on his grand setups, heavy jewellery and the red and colorful tones across scenes.

Why was Shahid's performance a let down?

We know a lot about Khilji's character, like his craziness, his antics, his ego, his romance , his war skills and the most important his dream. We don't know anything about Shahid Kapoor's character Raja Rawal Ratan Singh apart from the fact that he fell in love with Padmaavati when she accidentally injured him and that he is a respected king and madly in love with his second wife. So his character is so underdeveloped that it fails to connect. This is the reason one doesn't feel bad when Shahid Kapoor is jailed and is reduced to mere prisoner. Gora Singh and Badal Singh's character have much more appeal than him. Both the script and his performance lack a lot making all his scenes a bore affair.

Deepika, the slow motion walk and the costumes

Just like Shahid, Deepika's character too is half baked. We have no details as a viewer about her dreams, her fears or for that matter her family and her past. We just know that she is a king's daughter who wanders in the forest and hunts animals. Her character should have been developed in a better way for us to connect with her which would have lead the last Johar scene becoming a scene where the audience is in tears.

We get it, its a periodic drama, things those days were slow; people used to enjoy every moment. But that doesn't justify a almost 10 minute long scene where the main lead is just walking walking and walking. The end scene where all women are committing Johar could definitely be shot in a better way, also the end could have been much much better. Showing Khilji's reaction on the whole things after he watches the pyre could have been a perfect consolation for the 2 hour 45 minute patience the audience shows. The costumes are great as always, here agin Shahid's costumes make him look too slim for being a warrior king. In a few scenes he looks thinner than even Deepika which takes away from the seriousness.

Feminists need to chill 

I read many reviews where the Johar was condemened as its against women power and what not. I am not supporting anything but the fact is in an era where there was no government, no rules and attacker had already broken down all barriers and ready to rape women and take over all the property, any woman would prefer to end her life on her own. It wasn't so much as Sati but it was an act of escape to save Rajput name and saving themselves from probable rape.

Why will I watch it again? 

Hell yes, I will. Just for Ranveer  Singh's performances and the sheer grandness of the scenes. The songs Khali Bali Hogaya hai Dil and Ghoomar are absolute treat to watch, Ek Dil Hai has a classic feel to it and sticks to your mind. Though all the songs remind one of the old songs of Snajay Leela Bhansali movies, the shots in the song are amazing.

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