Akshay Kumar - Common Man's Hero, The New Angry Young Man of Bollywood ?


If one observes the movies in last 3-4 years, one can see that all movies which depict a common man's story have been majorly essayed by Akshay Kumar. The actor who was typecast many times, once for action and once for his impeccable comic timing, has now developed as a real Hero in true sense. 

Evolution of Akshay Kumar

He has slowly evolved as the angry young man of Indian cinema, a title which once belonged to legandary Amitabh Bachchan in his youth. One can notice the similarities between Amitabh Bachchan's old classic movies and Akshay's current movies, they all bring the real life on to the real. They all represent the common man, the Robinhoods of helpless and at times ignorant villagers and more importantly the characters are not flamboyant, they are real and grounded.
Akshay Kumar - The Hero we all Love


Baby, Gabbar, Toilet and more

It all started to make sense from his movie "Baby" which released in 2015. The movie gave everyone a glimpse of what Akshay could do being a savior. Though he had done a lot a action flicks when he was new to the industry, the movies now showcase him not as a fighting ninja trying to save his heroine but ensuring that his country and the citizens are safe. The messiah was born on screen and the movies after Baby prove that the producers too realized this and made his Messiah image bigger and bigger.

Then came the movie "Gabbar", Akshay Kumar was a man against corruption which is the biggest problem India has been facing since it's independence. Here again through his subtle yet powerful performance he not only entertained the audiences but also drew home the anti corruption message taking him closer to the comman man's heart and soul. He should really be given a pat on his back on how well he has streamlined his career and how well he has expanded his expertise to areas where most actors dread to go. The latest one being "Padman" which tackles the taboo related to sanitary napkins, the change is needed and it's happy to cinema initiate the change. "Toilet Ek Prem Katha" was yet another gem with Akshay figthing for a cause close to every rural Indian woman's heart, sanitation and hygiene. An applaud also needs to be given to his act in Jolly LLB 2 where he essays a struggling Lawyer and again takes up a realistic journey.

Akshay's "Gold" will be one more of the gems

Last few films of Akshay has been very close to the real life; no extravagant sets, no over the top antics, no costumes and no dancing to item numbers; pure gold. Which takes me to his future releases, one of which is the most anticipated release  of 2018, Gold; the story of 1st Indian Gold Medal at the Olympics. No doubt it will be an awesome watch because now I trust Mr. Akshay Kumar with the scripts and his performances have always been better than the rest no matter what the script was.

Hoping more Bollywood actors join the league, a trend that was started by Aamir Khan with "3 Idiots" needs to spread among st the leading men & women of Bollywood for quality scripts to win over the box office.

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