Bollywood Vs Logic - Has Bollywood literally lost the plot?


When foreigners hear "Bollywood" their first thought is "Musical" or "Song and dance" and we Indians get highly offended by this stereotyping, but wait isn't it true? Aren't all our movies based on song and dance? Forget the fictional ones, our biographies also have song and dance in them which is carefully presented under the cover of "creative freedom".

While Malhari from Bajirao Mastani might have wooed the millions across our country, it is thought worthy if the real warrior ever danced like a commoner and with so much of swag which Ranveer Singh couldn't help but add to it. Amongst all of this drama we have literally lost the plot.
Whether it was Simran running after the train to elope with Raj inspite of having a door next to where she was running, or whether it is Salman Khan's single kick which throws down a gang of goondas, nothing makes real sense. Every detective character in a Bollywood movie is a retired or a out of job police officer, and every Villian is a bad shooter even though he claims to be sharp shooter he can't just kill the hero even with 100 bullets fired in a minute, and last but not the least when the hero is fighting with a group, everyone in the group will come one by one ans attack the Hero because they are very considerate about him and don't want to attack him all at once and make him loose! 

The 90s had the hip thrusts and the neck twists, 2017 has brought in remakes of those very over the top songs, irrespective if they fit the bill or not. The latest Golmaal Again trailer says a lot about how we have progressed to rely completely on the past and its success that Bollywood has stopped taking risks and started remaking its own super hits which guarantees a super duper hit thanks to the increase in the number of screens overall across the country and the digital sales. The trailer looks like a mixture of Rohit Shetty's past blockbusters namely "Happy New Year" and "Chennai Express". People on hoover boards that are miles away from the common man's reach and use, blowing up cars just for the adrenaline rush and songs that are similar to the ones that are already hits are all you need to pull the audience to the screens. Be it showing majority of the leading women on screen ambition less and being happy with just being the eye candy to the super ripped savior hero who always wins over the leading lady through antics which includes eve teasing and stalking, Bollywood has traveled really away from real stories that portray the common man and have a connect with him. 99% of the Bollywood movies right now provide an escape from the reality , forgetting that reality can produce better fiction than ever. Hollywood remakes, Bollywood classic remakes, remakes of South and other regional movies proves that there is a dearth of good stories in Bollywood. "Haseena Parker" might be a badly executed movie but it still tried to tell a story, The multiplex audience is not dumb, the audience has started rejecting bad plots irrespective of them having huge star casts; Tube light, Rangoon, Jagga Jasoos are a few examples of the fact that Bollywood needs to pull up its socks and desperately search for the plot.

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